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    Despite its well-documented dangers, you may be shocked to learn that asbestos has yet to be banned in the United States. Doctors, scientists, and the U.S. Surgeon General agree that asbestos is a carcinogen and there is no safe level of exposure. ADAO is fighting to implement a global ban on asbestos…

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    ADAO was founded by two individuals whose lives were forever interrupted by the unexpected news that their loved ones were diagnosed with asbestos disease. Our international community of individuals, families, and friends continues to grow into the tens of thousands….

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    ADAO continues to build an extensive library of resources focused on treatment, prevention, and general awareness about asbestos. We encourage you to explore these resources, and share them with your family…

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Warren Zevon was a legendary musician and his recordings will preserve that legacy for all time. But to me, he was a father, a best friend, and a grandfather who never got to meet my beautiful daughter. My story is truly no different than any other family affected by the tragedy of asbestos. ADAO gives victims like me and countless others a united voice and unmatched strength that knows no geographic boundaries. Together, we are working to realize a future without asbestos so that someday, our stories will no longer be written. Join us.

Jordan Zevon

National Spokesperson

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"United for Asbestos Disease Awareness, Education, Advocacy, Prevention, Support and a Cure"

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