Marco Giorcelli, editor of Il Monferrato, the newspaper of Casale Monferrato, has passed away due to health complications related to mesothelioma. Giorcelli died at the age of 51; last year he was diagnosed with mesothelioma, a disease linked to asbestos exposure in Casale. A true journalistic professional, Giorcelli began his career at Il Monferrato as a sports reporter, and ultimately became the editor.

Giorcelli leaves behind his wife Silvana Mossano, “ADAO and ABREA send condolences to Silvana Mossano and her family for the loss of her husband, Marco Giorcelli,” wrote Dr. Barry Castleman.  “Silvana’s extraordinary journalistic accounts, and other writings about the tragedy in Casale and the trial of corporate criminals responsible informed the world, even as she also cared for Marco.”

On the adverse circumstances of living in Casale, Marco Caramagna, contributor for Alessandria News, wrote, “Marco never worked at Eternit, but had the fortune of living in Casale, and became a victim of asbestos. An innocent victim among hundreds of innocent victims caused by the embrace of evil profit without any regard for the person who works, and who has the right to be protected. But being born in Casale cannot be a fault. Unfortunately, for many it was, and it is likely to remain so.”

Recently, Casale Monferrato had reason to celebrate, as its case against two men who produced asbestos containing products in the town resulted in criminal charges. Fernanda Giannasi of the Association of Brazilians Exposed to Asbestos stated, “Like the people of Jonathan Swift’s Lilliput Island, Casale Monferrato again will be united to demonstrate their solidarity. Differently from February 13th, where they were celebrating their victory on the trial of the century against the monster, next Friday and Saturday they will mourn Marco, who fought bravely against the monster in the interior of his body, but couldn’t resist to the insidious devil work. Boia Fàus, Damn Devil.”

Linda Reinstein, President of Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization, offered her sympathy to Silvana Mossano, their family, and friends, “We will remember and honor Marco’s courageous mesothelioma battle with global efforts to raise awareness and ban asbestos. May the circle of love and prayers bring you and your family comfort.”

NOTE:  “At 7 o’clock on March the 15th 2012 mesothelioma caused by asbestos wrenched MARCO GiORCELLI, an honest and probe man, from life on earth. He was the Editor in chief of the Monferrato  With great sorrow his family who love him dearly and whom he loved dearly, his colleagues and friends who respected him for his intelligence, loyalty and consistency. Donations to Vitas and to the Buzzi Unicem Foundation for research. Chapel of Rest 8.30 pm in the Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary at Porta Milano. Funeral at 9 am on Saturday the 17th from the house.”