There is extremely important news coming from Brazilian regarding the global asbestos struggle. Beginning today, the widely read  O Globo newspaper is running a four-part series on asbestos, which can be accessed from their website. The O Globo even offers easy built-in online translation and sharing features.

Out of respect to O Globo, we ask that you read and share directly from their site, which also provides many links to the “Fighting Environmental Racism” landing page. From there you can view “videos with testimonials from victims of asbestos and people involved in the fight against it,” including, “the scientist Hermano Albuquerque de Castro, a researcher at Fiocruz, [as well as] authorship of the work Fernanda Giannasi.”

While the USGS has reported as of 2012, the leading asbestos producing countries are Russia, China, Brazil, Kazakhstan and Canada, the United States is not immune from asbestos exposure.  In fact, the United States has not banned asbestos, and continues to import nearly 1,000 metric tons every year.

Asbestos is a global threat, but thanks to digital technology, we can connect and share knowledge around the world, making historic boundaries and borders virtually irrelevant.  We know the power of social media, and we know that nearly 90% of the world has access to mobile technology that allows us to connect around the globe. With these technological tools, the time is now to connect and share the O Globo four-part series with your family, friends, and colleagues throughout your social networks.

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) sends our sincere congratulations and gratitude to The Brazilian Association of People Exposed to Asbestos (ABREA) and Fernanda Giannasi for their tireless efforts to ban asbestos in Brazil and around the world.

Join me today and follow this amazing media blitz about asbestos, a known human carcinogen, which continues to be mined, milled, exported, and manufactured around the world.

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Courtesy of Fighting Environmental Racism, some of the key O Globo stories, videos and links are: