Here is your chance to have your voice heard at the upcoming U.N. Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development in Rio de Janeiro this June! Recently, Dr. Ivan D. Ivanov of the World Health Organization brought us an article by the International Association of Medical Students that advocates for healthy and safe jobs for sustainable development, a goal that ADAO completely supports. If the article receives the most votes, it will be presented before heads of state at the UN Conference. You can read the article below, then follow the directions to sign-up and vote to support it. Voting closes June 3rd!

“Ensure all jobs are healthy jobs”

Michael Kalmus Eliasz – Friday, May 25, 2012

According to ILO estimates in 2008, more than 2.34 million people died from work related diseases and accidents. A healthy workforce is a pre-requisite for sustainable development and all new green jobs need to be healthy jobs.  […]

We therefore propose integrating health assessments into to strategies on for job creation in the green economy. In particular identifying health risks among both formal and informal workers across the supply chain and acting to mitigate these risks.

[Recommendations include]:

  • Measuring the occupational injury rate both fatal and non fatal as well the total burden of occupational disease.
  • The proportion of workplaces in public and private sectors (formal and informal) that comply with basic national occupational safety and health standards
  • Ratification of core international labour instruments for occupational safety and health (ILO Conventions 155, 161 and 187).
  • Ratification and implementation of WHO Framework Convention on tobacco control and implementation of articles 8 and 14 relating to smoke free work environments.
  • Proportion of the workforce exposed to occupation risk factors: air pollution, noise, carcinogens, hazardous chemicals, ergonomic and psycho-social stressors and others.

To vote:

Go to

Go to the “Request Invite” box on the right, and enter your email address and the code shown underneath. When you get the confirmation e-mail click the link and follow the prompts to finish your sign-up process.

From your Rio+20 Dialogues home page, search “health and SD” in the top left box.

From the list of articles, click “Ensure all jobs are healthy jobs,” then click on “Support” on the right side of the title.

You’re done! Thanks for voting and feel free to invite others to cast a vote in support of healthy and safe jobs.

In unity,


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