Posted on September 17, 2012

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Linda Reinstein (ADAO) and Katherine Lagomarsino (Cure Today) at the iMig conference

As I reflect on last week’s International Mesothelioma Interest Group Conference in Boston, I am overcome by the breadth and depth of medical knowledge and treatment options that were shared by medical experts across the globe. During the three days of the conference, I had inspiring and eye-opening conversations with some of the leading doctors in the field as they visited the ADAO booth. I also had the pleasure of presenting a copy of Barbara Minty McQueen’s book about her late husband, Steve McQueen: The Last Mile…Revisited, to Dr. Steven Mutsaers, the President of iMig, and Dr. Courtney Broaddus, one of iMig’s Board Members. Both Dr. Mutsaers and Dr. Broaddus have done tremendous work to serve countless mesothelioma patients.

In addition to sessions led by extraordinary doctors, the iMig conference featured presentations from the top mesothelioma nurses in the world. These nurses led informative workshops, such as “Guiding the Journey of the Mesothelioma Patient” and “Specialized Nursing Care in the ICU: Delivering Hope and Positivity.” I learned an incredible amount of valuable information at the conference workshops, which I look forward to sharing at ADAO’s Asbestos Awareness Conference in March.

Another highlight of the iMig conference was meeting so many individuals who are passionately working towards preventing and curing mesothelioma. It was a pleasure to reconnect with Cure Magazine, publisher of an excellent book Understanding Mesothelioma. This book has been an incredible resource for the mesothelioma community.

iMig continues to advance research to improve treatment and find a cure for mesothelioma. I am grateful for their phenomenal conferences. I’m already looking forward to the next iMig conference in 2014 in South Africa!

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