Asbestos: “Devil’s Dust: Exposed to poison. Exposing the truth.”

On November 11 and 12, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) will air Devil’s Dust. The two-part TV miniseries chronicles the true-life corporate scandal of James Hardie Industries, an industrial materials company that extensively manufactured asbestos throughout the 20th century.

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This isn’t just an Australian story. The U.S.still hasn’t banned asbestos. U.S. importation of asbestos increased 13% between 2010 and 2011.

                                                                  Matt Peacock (third from the left) with members of the Devil’s Dust cast

Devil’s Dust Trailer

The hero of Devil’s Dust is Bernie Banton, aJames Hardie employee who, despite suffering from pleural mesothelioma, foughttirelessly for truth, justice, and victims’ compensation. Watch the grippingperformance of Anthony Hayes as Banton in the trailer below. 
Devil’s Dust | 11 & 12 November at 8.30pm, ABC1newonabctv

VIDEO INTERVIEW with Matt Peacock: Author of Killer Company, the Book That Inspired Devil’s Dust

Since Matt Peacock began writing about theasbestos struggle in 1977, little has changed. He sums up his message about asbestos with three key points: “Don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t assume something is safe. Dosomething about it.”  Listen to ADAO’sexclusive interview with Peacock here. 

Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization Interview with Matt Peacock, author of "Killer Company"adao90278
Killer Company – The book that inspired the ABC1 series Devil’s DustThe book that inspired the ABC1 series Devil’s Dust. The shocking story of Australia’s biggest corporate scandal. ABC journalist Matt Pea…

Additional Information about Devil’s Dust

ADAO wishes to thank the Australian BroadcastingCorporation, author Matt Peacock, and actor Anthony Hayes for sharing Devil’s Dustwith us. For more about the characters featured in Devil’s Dust and a timeline ofthe real-life events, continue below. 

Devil’s Dust Characters

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Timeline of Bernie Banton and James Hardie

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