Reinstein my “Asbestos: USA Toxic Trade”

Posted on April 3, 2013

IMPORTANT:  Without naming our dear friends who courageously battle mesothelioma – I knew ADAO could and must do more to end the deadly asbestos legacy.  So for 18 months, I’ve been investigating import, commerce, and health data that would ‘encourage’ Congress and the President to take action to stop asbestos imports and ban asbestos.

On April 4, ADAO will hold a press conference in DC  entitled  “U.S. Investment Companies and their Mutual Funds Discovered to Invest in Brazilian Asbestos Mine”,where we will disclose documents detailed in my “Asbestos: USA Toxic Trade” presentation.

Special thanks to Doug, Herman, and many others who have and are helping to make this information public.

We all know, “Out of the hottest fire comes the strongest steel.” Chinese Proverb

Together, change is possible.