Posted on May 16, 2013

Facebook event page: FUNDRAISER for JANELLE BEDEL by Kate Curtis,  Linda ReinsteinKate Curtis and 2 others

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is delighted to share an upcoming fundraiser event to benefit and support Janelle and her wonderful family. Where there is mesothelioma awareness, there is hope.

Janelle's FundraiserThis upcoming Sunday, May 19th, a fundraiser for Janelle will be held to help defray medical costs incurred from Janelle’s fight with mesothelioma. The fundraiser will take place at 201 Building on Main Street, Rushville, Indiana from 1-4pm on Sunday, May 19th. Refreshments will be provided and raffle drawings will be held for several donated items from numerous vendors. For more information, please contact Kate at Though many will not be able to attend in person, we ask that you show your support by visiting the Facebook event page and writing on the wall.

All of us at ADAO would like to extend our support to Janelle and to all attending the event. We have witnessed the power of community work and we thank you all for coming together as an ADAO family to support patients and families around the world suffering from asbestos exposure and preventable asbestos-caused diseases.

Please remember, if you can’t attend in person, direct donations to Janelle would be greatly appreciated.  100% of the donations made to ADAO via PayPal or by check will be sent to Janelle and Andrew. Include a message for Janelle with the donation in the “Please include your address here” box on PayPal. Cards and donations can also be mailed to Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization 1525 Aviation Boulevard, Suite 318 Redondo Beach, California 90278.

The invited list on the Facebook event page for Janelle’s fundraiser rapidly grew from hundreds to thousands in hours. As news of the event began circulating around various social media platforms, family, friends and strangers began reaching out and extending their support, looking to help out in any way possible. The quick sharing of Janelle’s fundraiser and outpouring of support for Janelle and her family across the web is yet another testimony to the power of social media in connecting us all as a global community to bring hope and raise awareness. ADAO would also like to applaud Janelle’s family and friends for their efforts to increase mesothelioma awareness by distributing a flyer with Janelle’s story and asbestos information at the fundraiser.

ADAO Flyer for Janelle

Together, change is possible.


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