Posted on January 26, 2016

Ellen Costa CANVAThis week I had the pleasure of interviewing Ellen Costa, who for the past five years, has been an extraordinary volunteer, conference coordinator, and friend to ADAO. Ellen’s charm, tenderness, strategic planning, and dedication enables us to host ADAO’s 12th Annual International Asbestos Awareness and Prevention Conference on April 8 – 10 in Washington, DC.  Ellen, we look forward to you moderating ADAO’s Sunday Unity and Remembrance Brunch and can’t thank you enough for your tireless dedication and support to ADAO.  We love you. ~ Linda

LINDA: When and why did you first become involved with ADAO?

ELLEN: I first became involved with ADAO when you held the annual conference in Manhattan Beach, CA in 2012. There seemed to be a need for overall event coordination and that is a skill that comes easily to me. As a dear friend, I connected with your passion, energy, focus, strength and commitment to the mission, that made me think, “how can I contribute?” At that time, I had no idea that the U.S. does not ban asbestos. It was a shocking reality.

LINDA: Why is the conference important to you?

ELLEN: Given this is my 5th year as the event coordinator, I’ve developed incredible relationships within this organization and the international community that are on the ground providing education and advocacy efforts on a daily basis. Their strength and commitment are incredible.   You, especially Linda, are extraordinary in your untiring and relentless efforts in making sure that the political and environmental communities are aware of the victims that suffer from asbestos exposure and disease. I’ve learned so much for all the contributors during the conference and am proud to support so many champions of change!

LINDA: What are you most proud about at the conference?

ELLEN: I am most proud to experience the growth and force that ADAO has become and to witness the incredible growth of the international community that the asbestos warriors have evolved to. The accomplishments of all, each year, make me proud.

LINDA: What have you learned/experienced as a result of your volunteerism and leadership with ADAO.

ELLEN: That the power of knowledge, action, and community do make a difference!

LINDA: What is your message for the ADAO community?

ELLEN: My message to the ADAO community and the international organizations — is to continue to be champions of change…spread the word through 1) Prevention  2) Continue to educate and 3) Support all advocacy efforts.

Ellen, we love you.  ~ Linda