Posted on March 11, 2016

Once in a lifetime ADAO conference opportunity

Slide1When Clarence Borel filed a lawsuit in 1969 against the asbestos manufacturers responsible for causing his mesothelioma, he had no idea his individual search for justice would impact the lives of thousands of Americans. But his case proved the power of an individual’s access to justice: not only was he able to hold those responsible accountable, but he also paved the way for others by establishing corporate responsibility for those who sell asbestos products and protecting the rights of workers by compensating those who were harmed. Nearly forty years later, we are still benefiting from Clarence’s efforts.

On April 8-10 the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) will honor Clarence as we gather in Washington DC for our 12th Annual Asbestos Awareness and Prevention Conference, Where Knowledge and Action Unite.”  While Clarence is no longer with us, his passion for justice and truth live on in his children and grandchildren. Clarence’s granddaughter will accept the Warren Zevon “Keep me in Your Heart” Tribute in his name.

We have come a long way since Clarence first entered the courthouse, but as we see Congress on the precipice of rewriting our nation’s chemical laws to once and for all ban deadly toxins like asbestos and at the same time debating legislation that threatens asbestos victims’ privacy and access to justice, we know that this is truly a multi-generational fight to hold the asbestos industry accountable. And this is a fight that we must take on together.

ADAO’s 2016 Conference will also recognize leaders in the media, health and safety community, and government agencies whose voices and actions have been critically important to ending the man-made asbestos disaster.

On Saturday our keynote speaker will be Paul Brodeur, an award-winning Investigative Journalist and Author of Expendable Americans and Outrageous Misconduct: The Asbestos Industry on Trial. While reporting for the The New Yorker, he wrote the first major account of the health hazards associated with exposure to asbestos, as well as many other articles on the subject.

On Sunday we will hear from Eudice Goldberg, MD, a pediatrician in the Division of Adolescent Medicine at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and co-founder of the Canadian Mesothelioma Foundation (CMF), Canada.

We will also present Dr. Phillip Landrigan M.D., M.Sc. and Dr. Christine Oliver MD, MPH, MS. with the Dr. Irving Selikoff Lifetime Achievement Award in honor of their tireless dedication to increasing awareness about asbestos to eliminate diseases.

Since 2005, ADAO’s annual conference has brought together more than 300 speakers – ranging from experts, victims and unions to lawmakers from 14 different countries to speak about our joint efforts in education, advocacy and awareness.  

To learn more about the incredible speakers and honorees who will be attending this year’s conference, click here.

We are excited to bring together leading professionals, dedicated activists and courageous patients to draw attention and find solutions for this ongoing tragedy. Thank you for your support and for inviting others to join us. I look forward to personally welcoming you in D.C. in April.

In unity,

Linda Reinstein

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