Posted on July 25, 2016

We have been touched by asbestos in individual ways, yet we are joined together by a bond of community. As a testament to the strength of our global family, the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is highlighting the courageous stories of our members with the “Share Your Story” feature on our website.

This week, we would like to honor the story of Betsy, who is a part of our ADAO family.

We encourage you to submit your personal stories by clicking here and following the simple instructions on the page. In sharing, comes healing. Remember, you are not alone.

“Diagnosis and Treatments Completely Changed My Life” – Betsy’s Story

Name: Betsy

Betsy.Location: Pennsylvania

Date of Birth: 1985

Diagnosis: Mesothelioma

Date of Diagnosis: 2014

Treatment: Two debulking surgeries, systemic chemotherapy, and heated intraperitoneal chemotherapy (HIPEC)

How has asbestos changed your life? 

My mesothelioma diagnosis and treatments completely changed my life. It opened my eyes to the negative and misguided ways I was living and motivated me to do better. I wake up every day with the goal of pursuing my passions and nourishing my body the best way I know how. I am creating art and embracing a plant-based diet and feel healthier and happier than ever before. I know it may not prevent the disease from returning but I feel empowered by taking charge of the aspects of my life which I am able.

Betsy is featured in the Podcast “Rock vs. Cancer” and her story begins at 06:15. Also, if you would like to read more about Betsy, visit her site and check out her blog. 

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