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Asbestos Awareness Day
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Dates to Remember

  • AAD 5th Annual Conference — Mar 27-29
  • Asbestos Awareness Day — Apr 1
  • Asbestos Awareness Week — April 1-7
  • International Workers' Memorial Day — April 28
  • Labor Day — Sep 4
  • Warren Zevon — Sep 7
  • WTC 7th Anniv. — Sep 11
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ADAO Educational Materials

This National Asbestos Awareness Resource update is dedicated in loving memory to June Breit and the thousands of other victims silenced by asbestos.  


"Asbestos can cause cancer and irreversible lung damage.  Asbestos has no warning properties ---you can't see it, smell it or taste it.  Avoid asbestos exposure, and consult the CPSC , EPA , NIOSH , ILO and WHO guidelines, regulations and laws."

Asbestos Statement from Acting Surgeon General Steven K. Galson excerpts:

  1. “I urge every American to become aware of the public health issues of asbestos exposure and the steps they can take to protect their health.

  2. There is no level of asbestos exposure that is known to be safe and minimizing your exposure will minimize your risk of developing asbestos-related disease.

  3. Disturbance is what leads to exposure. Do not attempt to touch or remove asbestos by yourself, consult professionally trained and certified experts to safely handle asbestos or abatement. .

  4. If you think you have been exposed to asbestos, I encourage you to speak to your health care provider.”

ADAO Press Release : “ADAO Congratulates the Acting U.S. Surgeon General, Steven K. Galson, and Thanks the U.S. Senate for Efforts to Encourage Warning about Asbestos Dangers”

6th Annual United States Senate Resolution Designating the first week of April 2009 as ‘National Asbestos Awareness Week'

Educational Resources

ADAO National Resource Page

ADAO Multilingual Educational Resources

ADAO Preventing Exposure

ADAO Early Warning Symptoms

ADAO Asbestos Video Library

EPA: Asbestos in the Home: A Homeowner's Guide” – April 1990

OSHA: Asbestos-Automotive Brake and Clutch Repair Work

ADAO Ban Asbestos Commercial

Prevention and Advocacy

SAMPLE FACEBOOK and TWITTER MESSAGE: “Asbestos is a carcinogen. Ban asbestos now. Send your Congressional Representatives a letter from

Forward the link to your contacts, post your message on FaceBook and send on Twitter. Ask your friends, families and colleagues them to send letters and messages too!