On June 24th, public health advocates in nine countries participated in a global demonstration opposing the Quebec government’s proposed funding of the Jeffrey Asbestos Mine.

Canada already exports more than 200,000 tons of asbestos a year to developing nations, putting thousands of workers and their families at risk. More protests are scheduled for July 1st, Canada Day.

The global media advocacy campaign garnered press, as seen in the below links:

“Asbestos: Quebec Labour’s Shame. Why are that province’s union leaders defending this killer export by Canada?”

“Australian reality show puts Asbestos, Qc. back on the map”

List of cities that participated/will participate in the demonstrations:

  1. Washington, D.C., US; June 24th
  2. New York, US; June 24th
  3. Brussels, Belgium; June 24th
  4. Hong Kong, China; June 24th
  5. Seoul, South Korea; June 24th
  6. India; June 24th
  7. Japan; June 24th
  8. Indonesia; June 24th
  9. Philippines, June 24th
  10. London in UK; July 1st
  11. Busan, Korea; July 1st

In unity,

Linda Reinstein