ADAO’s 8th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference, “Asbestos: An International Public Health Crisis,” to be held March 30 – April 1, 2012, will bring together some of the world’s greatest minds to discuss the impact of asbestos on public health, the environment, and the economy. To get an idea of the exceptional speakers you’ll see this year, view a presentation from last year’s 2011 Asbestos Awareness Conference, “Occupational Safety and Health Education: Protecting Workers and Families 40 Years after OSHA’s Asbestos Standards” by Celeste Monforton, MPH, DrPH.

Celeste Monforton, DrPH, MPH is a professorial lecturer in the Department of Environmental and Occupational Health at George Washington University’s School of Public Health and Health Services. Her research includes assessment of worker health and safety laws and policies, and their effectiveness in protecting workers from illnesses, disability, and death. She has published articles on strategies used by economic interests to manipulate scientific evidence to create uncertainty about health risks in order to delay protective regulatory action. Prior to her academic appointment, Dr. Monforton was a federal employee at the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA, 1991-1995) and Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA, 1996-2001). Dr. Monforton served on a special panel appointed by the West Virginia Governor to investigate the January 2006 Sago coal mine disaster that took the lives of 12 workers. She is currently serving on the Governor’s special team investigating the April 5 disaster at Massey Energy’s Upper Big Branch mine in Naoma, WV that killed 29 workers. Dr. Monforton is an active member of the American Public Health Association and has served in a leadership position with the organization’s Occupational Health and Safety Section.

Join us at this year’s conference in Los Angeles, March 30 – April 1!