Posted on May 16, 2017 

ADAO PSA:Asbestos: The Killer You Can’t See” in EnglishRussian, Hindi, Portuguese, French, and Spanish

Asbestos: The Killer You Can’t See”

“Asbesto: El asesino que no puede”

“Асбест: убийца, которого вы не видите

“एस्बेस्टोस: द किलर आप देख नहीं सकते”

“Amianto: O assassino que você não pode”

“L’amiante: le tueur que vous ne voyez pas”

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Heartbeats from Tragedy: Asbestos Explained in New PSA from ADAO and ‘The Animated Activist,’ Available in Six Languages. “Asbestos: The Killer You Can’t See” Aims to Spread Asbestos Awareness to Youth, Families, and Workers Around the Globe

For Immediate Release: May 16, 2017 

LOS ANGELES ­— May 16, 2017 — Asbestos-caused diseases like mesothelioma can take years, even decades, to kill. But the truth of the hidden risk of asbestos fibers takes but a few heartbeats to tell.

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) and Chocolate Moose Media (CMM) have just released the 30-second animated video, “Asbestos: The Killer You Can’t See,” that captures the tragic reality about deadly asbestos. Through hand-drawn animation, the public service announcement (PSA) reveals how a young girl loses her father to asbestos, highlighting the insidious and nearly invisible fibers. The PSA video is available for free download and use at

“Our goal was to make an emotional connection to the danger of asbestos rather than overwhelm viewers with statistics. The simple truth is asbestos kills and prevention remains the only cure,” says Linda Reinstein, mesothelioma widow and ADAO co-founder.

In addition to English, the PSA is available in five other languages— Russian, Hindi, Portuguese, French, and Spanish — in order to reach new populations, especially in nations who continue to mine, use, and export asbestos. It is also available in a mobile-friendly format to be easily accessible to Millennial audiences.

The statistics are appalling. There are well over 100,000 related deaths per year worldwide with numbers in the developing world believed to be hugely under-reported. The cure is simple – ban the use of asbestos. Yet as recently as last week, Russia, India, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Syria, and Zimbabwe refused to agree to have chrysotile asbestos added to the Rotterdam Convention list of hazardous substances.

“People are often unaware of the dangers posed by certain substances. The lack of information can lead to deadly consequences. In this compelling hand-drawn video we warn about asbestos,” says Firdaus Kharas, founder of CMM. 

Learn more about the video and creator in an exclusive interview: The ‘Animated Activist,’ Firdaus Kharas, Discusses ADAO’s New Asbestos Awareness PSA & How He Uses Art to Create Change 


About ADAO

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization is the largest independent asbestos victims  organization and was founded in 2004 to give asbestos victims and concerned citizens a united voice, to raise public awareness about the dangers of asbestos exposure and to work towards a global asbestos ban.

About CMM

Chocolate Moose Media is the world’s leading producer of animated behaviour-change communications aimed at solving health and social issues around the world. Led by renowned social innovator, director and humanitarian Firdaus Kharas, it produces animation, documentaries, videos and television series designed to educate, entertain and change societal and individual behaviour to positively influence the human condition.

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