Posted on September 25, 2012


“We tried to be supportive of each other and I really tried to be there for (my dad) and help him out. It’s weird because we were both scared. Death is about as scary as it gets.” – Jordan Zevon, about his father, musician Warren Zevon, who died of mesothelioma.

This week, please visit the ADAO Interviews playlist, as we honor different members of our ADAO community whose lives were affected by mesothelioma.

Today, in memory of Warren Zevon and in honor of Mesothelioma Awareness Day on September 26, ADAO remembers Warren through the eyes of his son, Jordan.

“It’s hard to describe what ADAO has been in my life, because I certainly can’t imagine it without ADAO,” says Jordan Zevon, ADAO National Spokesperson and talented musician. Truly, ADAO is deeply grateful to Jordan, as he has dedicated a tremendous amount of time and talent to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos. Jordan has traveled to Washington, D.C. on numerous occasions to join ADAO in meetings with Congress members, participated in public service announcements, and contributed his extraordinary musical talents at several events focused on raising awareness about asbestos.

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