Collegium Ramazzin’s Mission Statement

The Collegium Ramazzini is an independent, international academy founded in 1982 by Irving J. Selikoff, Cesare Maltoni and other eminent scientists. It is comprised of 180 internationally renowned experts in the fields of occupational and environmental health. The mission of the Collegium Ramazzini is to advance the study of occupational and environmental health issues and to be a bridge between the world of scientific discovery and the social and political centers which must act on the discoveries of science to protect public health.

The Collegium Ramazzini assesses present and future risks of injury and disease attributable to the workplace and the environment. It focuses especially on the identification of preventable risk factors. It transmits its views on these hazards and their prevention to policy-making bodies, authorities, agencies and the public. By holding conferences, symposia and training courses, publishing statements and research papers and publicizing its views, the Collegium Ramazzini seeks to translate to legislators, regulators and other decision makers the policy implications of scientific findings. The goal of the Collegium Ramazzini is to work towards solutions of occupational and environmental health problems.

Collegium Ramazzini Statements

Statement Year Title
1 1984 Report on Benzidine and its Salts
2 1993 Threshold Limit Value of Benzene
3 1993 Chrysotile Asbestos as a Carcinogen
4 1995 Oxygenated and Reformulated Gasolines (MTBE)
5 1995 1,3-Butadiene
6 1999 Call for an International Ban on Asbestos
7 2004 The Precautionary Principle: Implications for Research and Policy Making
8 2004 Call for a Reduction of Exposure to Benzene to the Lowest Possible Level
9 2004 Preventing Chemical Accidents: Lessons Learned Since the Bhopal Disaster in 1984 (docs)
10 2004 Call for Action on the Genocide in Darfur
11 2004 Call for an International Ban on Asbestos: Statement Update
12 2008 Cancer Prevention, Screening and Early Diagnosis, the Neglected Side of Cancer Control: A Call for Action
13 2008 The Control of Pesticides in the European Union: A Call for Action to Protect Human Health
14 2008 Call for Worldwide Reduction in Exposure to Lead
Special issue 2010 Control of Biocides in the European Union: The Collegium Ramazzini Calls for Action to Protect Human Health
15 2010 Asbestos Is Still With Us: Repeat Call For A Universal Ban
16 2011 The Safety and Health of Migrant Labour: a Call to the International Community for Action