ADAO Editorial Published in USA Today’s Pulmonary Health Special Report

ADAO is honored to have been invited by USA Today to pen a mesothelioma editorial for a special pulmonary health segment in this weekend’s edition.  This segment highlights information on a wide array of pulmonary health issues and their causes and, given that half of asbestos-related deaths are lung-cancer related, it was particularly significant for us to have been able to shed some light on asbestos-related lung cancers.  The reality is that prevention remains the only cure for asbestos-related diseases, and education and awareness efforts such as this are critical in getting our message of prevention out.

As many of you know, ADAO was founded in grief – my late husband, Alan, died 5 ½ years ago and Doug Larkin’s father-in-law, Bill, died 7 years ago from mesothelioma, an entirely preventable cancer.  ADAO was founded as a result, and is absolutely committed to protecting others from what we went through by educating them about the dangers of asbestos, advocating for an international ban on the carcinogen, and providing community support for those seeking information or the emotional connection of those in similar circumstances.  As such, ADAO is especially pleased to have had the opportunity to augment our educational efforts through this piece.

You can help!  Educate yourself by checking out this piece, share it with your friends, get even more information by visiting ADAO’s website, and stayed tuned – our annual Asbestos Awareness Conference registration begins soon too!

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