Resolutions and Fact Sheets


2009 US Surgeon General Statement by Dr. Steven K. Galson

2013 US Surgeon General Statement by Dr. Regina Benjamin 

2014 US Surgeon General Statement by Dr. Boris Lushniak 

ADAO PowerPoint Presentations

APHA: THE ELIMINATION OF ASBESTOS (Resolution No. 20096, Adopted 11/10/2009)

ADAO Asbestos Fact Sheet – Top 10 Reasons to Ban Asbestos Now

ADAO Product Testing Proves Asbestos Can be Found in Some Consumer Products – Full report.

ADAO and The Environmental Information Association (EIA) release the Chrysotile Asbestos Fact Sheet (CAFS) (PDF)


U.S. Senate Asbestos Awareness Resolutions


High Risk Occupations, Early Warning Symptoms and Prevention



      • High Risk Occupations – French (PDF) – Click Here
      • Early Warning Symptoms – French (PDF) – Click Here
      • Prevention – French (PDF) – Click Here


    • High Risk Occupations – Spanish (PDF) – Click Here
    • Early Warning Symptoms – Spanish (PDF) – Click Here
    • Prevention – Spanish (PDF) – Click Here