Posted on November 2010

APHA 138th Annual Meeting & Exposition

Title:      Disease Prevention and Social Justice: The Case of Asbestos

Session video coming soon.

Sharry Erzinger, DrPH, Moderator

Richard Lemen, PhDCase Study of Asbestos: History and Epidemiology
PowerPoint Handouts

Arthur Frank, MD PhDCase Study of Asbestos: Clinical Medicine
PowerPoint Handouts

Barry Castleman, ScDCase Study of Asbestos: Global Implications, Legislative Actions and Substitutions
PowerPoint Handouts

Linda Reinstein:  Case Study of Asbestos: Education, Advocacy and Social Action
PowerPoint Handouts

ADAO Top Asbestos Facts
APHA 2009 Ban Asbestos Resolution
Identifying Asbestos in the Home
ADAO Asbestos Penny Slide

Collegium Ramazzini Statement: Asbestos Is Still With Us: Repeat Call for a Universal Ban
The Center for Public Integrity: Dangers in the Dust: Inside the Global Asbestos Trade (2010)
Environmental Health Perspectives:“A Worn-Out Welcome: Renewed Call for a Global Ban on Asbestos” (2010)
World Health Organization, Asbestos Fact sheet N°343 (2010)
World Health Organization, Preventing Disease through Healthy Environments (2010)
World Health Organization, Elimination of Asbestos-Related Diseases (2006)
International Labour Organization: Asbestos: Towards a Worldwide Ban (2006)
International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC):  A review of Human Carcinogens (March 2009)
United States Surgeon General: Asbestos Awareness Statement (April 2009)