Posted on July 25, 2019

ADAO’s #Message2Congress campaign is underway again this year, giving you a chance to have your words delivered directly to the officials who represent you in Congress. 

If you had the ear of your elected officials in Congress, what would you say about asbestos? This year, we’re launching our 12th Six-Word Quote campaign to collectively raise our voices to support federal legislation to ban asbestos, without loopholes or exemptions. This #Message2Congress is is your chance to show, loudly and clearly, that you want to bring an end to the man-made asbestos disaster.

With submissions that take only three simple steps, participating couldn’t be easier! Simply fill out our Ban Asbestos Message to Congress form with your 6-word message and a photo and we will take it from there; formatting each submission into an engaging graphic that your members of Congress will see. ADAO will creatively share these graphics during Mesothelioma Awareness Day, on the 26th of September, at our Miles for Meso race/walk. Each graphic will also be published in a shared Facebook album. The submission deadline is September 15, 2019.

During the past years, we have received hundreds of 6-word quotes from Warriors, workers, teachers, and concerned citizens from around the world. Some, like the one we received from Marilyn from Pennsylvania, “He should be enjoying retirement now” were personal. 

If you’re outraged that asbestos continues to kill nearly 40,000 Americans every year, if you believe it’s wrong that asbestos imports have skyrocketed in recent months, or if you think the Environmental Protection Agency shouldn’t be led by former chemical industry lobbyists, the #Message2Congress campaign is your chance to help bring light to these issues.

In such a David and Goliath battle, our voice is our strongest weapon. So keep the conversation going to drive social change. Remember with each post, share, or retweet, you are raising asbestos and mesothelioma awareness. 

In unity always,


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