Posted on October 1, 2019

As Mesothelioma Awareness Day and month comes to a close, ADAO is looking forward to sharing information on asbestos disease and prevention for October’s Health Literacy Month. The theme for Health Literacy Month 2019 is “Be a Health Literacy Hero.”

During the entire month of October, the ADAO four-part blog series will present information that is easy to understand and even easier to share. Asbestos remains legal and lethal in the USA. Each year, nearly 40,000 Americans die from preventable asbestos-caused diseases. ADAO remains dedicated to raising health literacy to prevent exposure and improve treatment options.

Asbestos Disease Awareness and Prevention Four-Part Series includes:

Part One: Prevent Asbestos Exposure – Published on October 7th 

Part Two: Recognize High Risk Occupations – Published on October 14th 

Part Three: Understand the Warning Symptoms for Asbestos-Caused Diseases – Published on October 21st 

Part Four: Finding a Center of Excellence for Treatment- Published on October 28th 

As we say at ADAO, “Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention.”

Linda Reinstein

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