Posted on November 1, 2020

2019- 2020 Mesothelioma Warrior Candle Lighting List

Submit a name for the 2020 – 2021 Mesothelioma Warrior Candle Lighting List. Please note, any Mesothelioma Warrior Candle Lighting name submitted after December 15, 2020 will be added to the list for our 2021 Global Asbestos Awareness Week Candle Lighting Tradition on April 7, 2021.

My wonderful Mom, Jill “Jillypoo” Vaughn, courageously battled mesothelioma for almost 20 years. Best known for the comforting words, she was the rock of strength and optimism for patients and families around the world. In addition to her wit and wisdom, my mom believed it was extremely important to remember friends and strangers who lost their battles with mesothelioma. Five years ago, my mom became a songbird in heaven, herself.

Candle lighting was so important to Mom. She began an international list of Warriors to log, both when patients were diagnosed and – sadly – if they passed away.

Since she was not the most computer-savvy person, my mom asked the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization from her hospital bed to take this project over in 2009 which has nearly 1,000 names. Click here to view the 2019 – 2020  Mesothelioma Warrior Candle Lighting List to confirm your loved one is on it. 

There are two Mesothelioma Warrior candle lightings. The first, on December 28, is in loving memory of Mesothelioma Warriors who have lost their battle. The second candle lighting, on January 4, is in honor and support of Mesothelioma Warriors who continue to courageously fight.

If you’d like to honor or remember a Mesothelioma Warrior through this candle lighting tradition, please fill out this Google form by December 15, 2020. Any names submitted after December 15 will be added to the list for next year’s candle lightings. If you have previously submitted your loved one’s name, there is no need to do so again. Also, all Mesothelioma Warriors included in the 2019 Memorial Dedication Video will be added to the Candle Lighting list except those who opted out when filling out the form.

Special thanks to ADAO for continuing my Mother’s candle lighting tradition. As the founder of the candle lighting tradition, it is so hard to see my Mother now on the “in loving memory” list. I miss her dearly, but I’m sure we all do.

In memory of my mom, Jill,

Tisha Vaughn