Posted on October 1 2018

September was Mesothelioma Awareness Month and was a busy, successful month for ADAO. We are ready for October, and want to keep the awareness and momentum going. Let’s all continue to work together to strive to create an asbestos, and Mesothelioma free world.

Here are three simple ways you can help:

  1. Sign and Share the Ban Asbestos Petition
    Join us on the right side of history. We’ve already collected more than 117,000 signatures demanding an asbestos ban, but our goal is 150,000. Sign and share the petition today to spread the word and change the world.
  2. Share Your Story
    Fifteen years of asbestos advocacy have shown us that personal stories are far and away our most powerful tool to affect change. We encourage you to share how asbestos has impacted you or a loved one, so that it won’t have that same impact on someone else. Our collective sharing strengthens our community and shows why this lethal carcinogen must be banned NOW.
  3. Donate
    Bolster our education, advocacy, and community support efforts with a contribution to ADAO. We are a fiercely independent nonprofit dedicated to preventing asbestos caused diseases. Our work is fueled by concerned individuals and sponsors, enabling projects like the 13th congressional staff briefing, annual conferences, and much more.

Together, we make change happen.

Linda Reinstein
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