Posted on August 18, 2015

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ADAO Ambler Asbestos Educational Program, “Asbestos: Be Safe. Be Smart.” FLYER 

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Ambler Event

Julie, Joe, and Marilyn Amento, Dr.Keith Cengel, Brent Kynoch, Linda Reinstein, and Diane Morgan.

Thank you to everyone who attended and supported the community gathering hosted by the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) in Ambler, Pennsylvania on August 17, 2015.   ADAO’s educational presentation, “Asbestos: Be Safe. Be Smart.” was developed to heighten awareness of asbestos related hazards within the home, the workplace, and the community at large, while providing information and support to the residents of Ambler and its neighboring townships.

Our panel of speakers included:  Marilyn Amento, Ambler resident, mesothelioma widow, and ADAO Northeast Regional Director;  J. Brent Kynoch, Managing Director of the Environmental Information Association;  Dr. Keith Cengel, MD, PhD, Radiation Oncologist at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania; Linda Reinstein, President/CEO and co-founder of ADAO and mesothelioma widow; and Diane Morgan, Citizens for a Better Ambler.  The speakers shared their expertise on the causes and prevention of asbestos related diseases.  It was impressive to see the Ambler Borough Council in attendance and hear Ambler Mayor Jeanne Sorg’s excellent opening speech about Ambler and in support of education  and prevention. 

The Ambler community is rich in history.  It’s a small town where generations have lived, worked, raised their families and created lasting memories.   The legacy of its economic and industrial past – the manufacturing of asbestos products and the careless disposal of asbestos waste – will forever impact the future of its residents.  ADAO is committed to informing and educating the people of Ambler and its surrounding neighborhoods about the dangers of asbestos.  Additionally, ADAO aims to provide support and hope as our community continues the fight to ban asbestos.  With or without a ban, it is always important to be safe and be smart to prevent asbestos exposures.

Special thanks to Marilyn Amento for her dedication and commitment to ADAO, and for organizing this educational event. Additionally, I’d like to thank Joe and Julie Amento, and Laura and Bob Kuzmick for all of their work for this event, Susan Schaffer for the home made cookies, and Jennifer Laubach for being our photographer tonight. There were so many people who helped make this event happen today by passing out flyers and hanging posters in businesses – thanks to you too.

Together we are making change happen,