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The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is so excited to be attending the the 19th Annual Professional Abatement Contractors of New York (PACNY) Environmental Conference this February 26, 2015. PACNY, a renowned community for abatement contractors in Albany, NY., focuses their efforts on addressing the needs and concerns of abatement contractors and those in related industries. Abatement contractors are absolutely crucial in the fight against asbestos as they serve on the front-line of disease prevention efforts removing hazardous substances from homes and buildings. ADAO applauds PACNY for their powerful efforts uniting the voices and intelligence of the abatement industry and creating strength in numbers. This year’s conference takes place in Verona, NY.

At the 19th Annual PACNY Environmental Conference, I am pleased to be delivering the morning keynote speech, “Asbestos-The Human Cost of Inaction.” In this speech, I will be outlining the lack of anti-asbestos policy, reviewing the  Top 5 Asbestos Facts, and discussing the harsh reality that hundreds of thousands have died, or are currently dying, from asbestos exposure. In the afternoon, Dr. Barry Castleman will give the keynote, “Criminality and the Global Asbestos Industry,” highlighting how the asbestos industry has infiltrated the global market.

I am honored to be included among these esteemed guests:

Kevin Malone of NYSDOH: “Update from NYSDOH Asbestos Safety Training Program”

Andy Oberta of the Environmental Consultancy & Sean Hart of Energy and Environment: “Visual Inspection: Comparing ASTM E1368 and NYSDOL Rule 56”

Matt Sanchez from RJ Lee: “Amphibole type and Morphologies that Occur in Vermiculite from Select Sources Around the World”

Dr. Marty Rutstein: “Asbestos Abatement, how did we get HERE and WHERE are we going?”

Andy Oberta of the Environmental Consultancy: “Exposure Assessments in Asbestos Abatement: Understanding and Using ASTM D7886”

Jack Springston of TRC Environmental Corp: “Industrial Hygiene Lessons Learned from the World Trade Center Disaster”

Stay tuned for more information on PACNY’s confeence and my presentation!

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