Our ADAO Volunteers welcome you to the new ADAO!

As this New Year and new decade begins, we find ourselves reflecting on ADAO’s extraordinary accomplishments over the last six years. ADAO was borne out of the pain and anger of personal tragedy.   And now, thanks to you, ADAO has become the largest non-profit advocating for asbestos reform in the United States, achieved completely as a volunteer organization.

Today, ADAO announced the launch of major initiatives to meet the multiple challenges posed by the organization’s rapid expansion of membership and workload via our 1.26.2010 press release and January eNewletter.

Our website has numerous new features, such as:

  1. Connecting with us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  2. Easy access to our Video Library
  3. New “Share Your Story” platform that enables ADAO to share your story in Washington, DC or at conferences
  4. Expanded Educational Resources which include: “Publications, Reports and Fact Sheets”

As we dive into 2010, our optimism is renewed by these milestones, and we remain motivated by our unwavering belief that, by continuing our work together, we will create positive change.

In unity and hope,

Linda Reinstein, CEO and Co-Founder   Doug Larkin, Director of Communications and Co-Founder