Updated on June 28, 2018

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Join Mike and Jess again, virtually or in Ohio, on August 18 for their 2nd fundraiser! 

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Posted on June 18, 2018

This week I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessica Auge Mattmuller and her husband Mike Mattmuller, who is a Mesothelioma Patient. These young brave individuals talk about the experience of a Mesothelioma diagnosis, and the experiences that come alongside it. They also discuss how you can help, and give an insiders perspective on this terrifying disease. 

Linda: Please tell me about you.

Jessica: Mike was diagnosed at the age of 29 with mesothelioma. He went through 4 rounds of chemo and a major surgery where they removed his entire left lung, the lining of his heart and half of his diaphragm. He was considered cancer free or N.E.D (No Evidence of Disease). Unfortunately, at the end of 2017, on a routine checkup scan they found a couple of minuscule spots of re-occurrence of the disease. Mike went through 5 doses of proton radiation, which is a new form of radiation that reduces the number of treatments and side effects associated with radiation treatment. Since completing his treatment Mike has been unable to return to work and has had to go on long term disability due to the side effects of his treatments.

Linda: How did you feel when you heard the diagnosis, mesothelioma?

Jessica and Mike: Confused and scared. When you google Mesothelioma most of what you see says 6 months to a year if you are lucky. Talk about scared out of your mind!

Linda: During the past six years, where have your found your strength?

Mike: During the past 6 and a half years I have found my strength in my family. The dream of starting a family with my wife drove me through treatments. During the time that I was N.E.D., we bravely decided to start our family and not let the fear of this horrible disease stop us from their dreams. We had a baby girl, named Riley, that instantly stole our hearts and the hearts of many others. You see since being diagnosed, we have found an amazing silver lining in this horrible disease with the community of survivors and care givers. Riley is not only my main reason for fighting but she is also a beacon of hope and joy to other survivors. She is proof that miracles happen and that this disease is not a death sentence.

Linda: What do people need to know about asbestos?

Jessica and Mike: That there is no safe level of exposure, and it is still legal in the United States. Also, you are much better off being safe than sorry when doing home remodeling and hire a professional asbestos removal expert.

Linda: How can people help you?

Jessica and Mike: There are multiple ways that you can help. We are having fundraisers on June 23rd in Claymont, Delaware and at a location yet to be determined in Ohio on the weekend of August 17th through the 19th, and we have a go fund me setup at https://www.gofundme.com/help-mike-beat-meso. All proceeds will go towards paying off medical bills, insurance bills and assisting with other monthly bills to help keep us afloat while we try to figure out this next phase in our life.

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