Posted on October 31, 2018

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) is on the move again! This time we are headed to Lisbon for the 1st International Meeting on asbestos in Portugal at the Instituto Superior Técnico in Lisbon. The conference, organized by Quercus, will take place on November 15-16. This conference follows the creation of the SOS Asbestos Project, which is the first Support Group for Asbestos Victims in Portugal, whose mission is based on three essential pillars: Inform, Advise and Sensitize.

During the conference, there will be over 30 speakers from 5 countries participating in the conference with roughly 150 participants in attendance. The speakers will cover topics such as  risks associated with exposure to asbestos; what materials contain asbestos; risk groups; medical screening and diagnosis and treatment; how to assess and confirm the presence of asbestos; how to evaluate the release of fibers into the air; how to remove asbestos: care and criteria; judicial mechanisms for the classification of “victim of exposure to asbestos”; and solutions and materials alternative to materials containing asbestos in their composition. During the event, I will be presenting: “The Fight Against Asbestos in the USA.”

When we asked Carmen Lima, one of the conferences coordinators, about what she hopes to accomplish with this conference, she told us,A world-class presentation of the state of the art and the presentation of good practices in the management of asbestos, as well as the identification of alternative materials. With this conference, there is hope that once information is shared, we will get closer to being able to identify asbestos in structures, and therefore protect Portuguese citizens from the harms and dangers of asbestos exposure.”

ADAO is honored to have been invited to speak at the event, and looks forward to expanding our global community and global advocacy efforts.

In unity,

Linda Reinstein

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