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ADAO is honored to have forged a wonderful new friendship with Barbara McQueen, widow of the late Steve McQueen. Steve McQueen, a movie icon fondly called as “the King of Cool, ” will be honored with the Warren Zevon ‘Keep Me in Your Heart’ Memorial Tribute Award at the 8th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference March 30 – April 1 in Los Angeles.  Barbara was gracious enough to open up her heart to ADAO and share her personal story.  Her life was forever changed when Steve was diagnosed with mesothelioma and, like so many of us, had to navigate through the pain and confusion of this terrible asbestos-related disease with inadequate information and few resources.  Despite her tragedy, Barbara has persevered and ADAO is excited that she will be joining us at the conference!  She will be a keynote speaker at our Sunday brunch and will be signing her beautiful book Steve McQueen-The Last Mile at Saturday night’s dinner. Her book documents her three and a half year relationship with her famous husband. She opens up to the world about her career and her relationship with her husband along with hundreds of pictures and the story behind each picture.

ADAO is pleased to honor Steve McQueen, posthumously with the  Warren Zevon ‘Keep Me in Your Heart’ Memorial Tribute Award.

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