III Asbestos Seminar Agenda

Posted on April 19, 2022

ADAO is honored to once again be presenting at the III International Seminar on Asbestos: An Approach to Health Surveillance, which will take place from May 4th – 6th, 2022, in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

I am very much looking forward to joining this distinguished group of speakers and participants to once again bring the latest U.S. asbestos news and updates. I gained so much from joining the II International Seminar in Brazil in 2018, and the I International Seminar in Brazil in 2016, and know that this year’s seminar will once again provide me with education and community-building opportunities.  

During the event, I will be speaking during two separate sessions of the seminar. Additionally, I am proud to announce that my late husband Alan will be honored alongside a number of other Mesothelioma Warriors during the event. 

Thank you to my colleagues and leaders in Brazil for inviting me to be a part of this phenomenal seminar and providing ADAO with the opportunity to connect with Warriors and experts alike in a country that is leading the charge in the global anti-asbestos movement. We stand in the shadow of Brazil and hope to follow their lead to ban asbestos in the United States. 

Pioneer for health policy and dear Partner for Prevention, Fernanda Giannasi of ABREA, said, “We are proud to organize the III International Seminar on Asbestos: An Approach to Health Surveillance. The event is organized together, with different representatives of our complex society, such as institutions like the labor prosecutors office, officials from the public health services, unionists, and asbestos victims with their families´associations.” 

“We plan to improve the systems of surveillance of the people exposed to asbestos, occupationally and environmentally, as well as learning information about the new medical technologies for treatment of the victims and to intensify the register of asbestos related diseases, unifying data bases,” she continued. “We look forward to strengthening our global collaboration, working together to protect public health around the world and intensifying our actions in order to put an end to the exploitation and use of this well-known, lethal carcinogen.”

I echo the same sentiment, and look forward to a powerful few days of solidarity between international warriors, experts, and advocates. 

Global community and partnership are so important, and these events present incredible opportunities to learn from each other and strengthen the worldwide movement to ban asbestos. 

I want to thank all those who have come together to make this event possible. Together we make change happen.

For the latest seminar updates, follow the hashtag on social media #BrasilSemAmianto, check the website here and stay tuned for more information from ADAO.

Looking forward,

Linda Reinstein
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