As part of its education, advocacy, and community efforts, ADAO is pleased to be traveling this week to Washington, D.C. to hold an educational Senate Briefing, “Asbestos: The Impact on Public Health, the Environment, and the Economy” and meet with government officials.  A group of ADAO representatives including Dr. Arthur Frank, Dr. Barry Castleman, Brent Kynoch, Marilyn Amento, and I will present the most up-to-date facts to members and staffers in the Senate so that they can make informed legislative and policy decisions.  Our hope is to offer critical asbestos information and encourage bipartisan interagency collaboration to address a threat that affects all Americans.  As always, ADAO will leverage social media to share its experiences.  Follow us at @Linda_ADAO as our intern, Spencer, tweets straight from the Senate Briefing!

We would like to give special thanks to our volunteers, ADAO Science Advisory Board, generous sponors, and donors!  ADAO is taking the stories of those in our network to the Hill, including the many individuals who have submitted their story through Share Your Story and that of honorees such as the recently announced honoree Steve McQueen, who will be honored posthumously at ADAO’s 8th Annual International Asbestos Awareness Conference.  As part of a longstanding ADAO tradition, we will be dedicating the Senate Briefing to the many individuals battling asbestos-related diseases such as mesothelioma, specifically Heather, Larry, Debbie, Mavis, Julie, Todd, Paul, Janelle, and Rob.  While that is not an exhaustive list of all of our Warriors, ADAO will share their stories on behalf of everyone affected by asbestos-related disease.

Stay tuned for an update upon our return from Washington, D.C.!

In unity,


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