Much has happened since our last newsletter update in June. ADAO has been at the forefront of important discussions about the need for a global asbestos ban, and communication and collaboration at all levels have continued to generate publicity and action.  

On the virtual front, ADAO is increasing its social media presence to fuel awareness in new and innovative ways, utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and more. Our upcoming national conference will prove the continued power of face-to-face discussions as some of the world’s most renowned experts come together to share the latest issues surrounding asbestos awareness. At the same time, the conference proceedings will be shared via video to make sure everyone is able to take advantage of these new resources. ADAO has and will continue to speak and participate in some of the most important conferences and forums where discussions about asbestos dangers, treatment options and education opportunities continue to abound. For example, ADAO testified at a Mexico City Parliamentary hearing in June. In November, a panel of ADAO experts will help drive home the social injustices associated with asbestos disease, at The APHA 138th Annual Meeting & Exposition. These are just a few examples of how ADAO, with your help, we continue to serve as the Voice of the Victims.

ADAO October eNewsletter 

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