October 1, 2012

ADAO is thrilled to be invited to join delegates from over 20 countries in France on October 12 at the French National Association of Asbestos Victims’ (ANDEVA) conference, entitled “International Day for Asbestos Victims.”  On October 13, ANDEVA will also host a demonstration, in which several thousand people will gather in the streets of Paris to call for “A World without Asbestos.”

Truly, these events will take place at a pivotal moment. Following the recent developments concerning asbestos regulations in Italy, Brazil, and Canada, we stand at the crossroads of change.

The conference agenda is impressive. Several scientists, doctors, NGO activists, and individuals personally impacted by asbestos will present on the status of asbestos regulations, disease prevention efforts, and victim compensation in countries throughout the world. Dr. Richard Lemen, Dr. Barry Castleman, and I will each present at the conference. We are very grateful for ANDEVA’s invitation to participate in this important event.

Recognizing that the asbestos industry often cites the lack of an asbestos ban in the United States and Canada as evidence of the harmlessness of asbestos, I will present on America’s deadly asbestos legacy in a session entitled “Asbestos: Still Legal and Lethal in the U.S.” ANDEVA’s conference is a remarkable global gathering, and I am humbled that ADAO has been invited to join hundreds of individuals who have dedicated their lives and careers to advocating for a global asbestos ban.

As Sir Isaac Newton said, “If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.”

For more conference details, please refer to Marc Hindry’s excellent blog: https://www.asbestosdiseaseawareness.org/archives/14058

In unity,


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