Posted on July 31, 2017


Turn your anger into action! Submit your six-word quote, along with a photo, about how asbestos or mesothelioma has impacted your life to be featured in ADAO’s latest advocacy campaign. Submission deadline: September 20, 2017.

It’s more important than ever for ban asbestos advocates to BE HEARD! Despite the historic breakthrough of TSCA reform last year, we continue to constant pushback against our efforts to ban asbestos and protect victims’ rights. 

This year, we’re launching our 10th Six-Word Quote campaign to show lawmakers and the public just how crucial it is to finally stop the asbestos disaster in its tracks. We are combining our 6-word quotes with our RAISE YOUR VOICE || #ENDMeso campaign to take control of the narrative capitalize on current momentum to ban asbestos. With chemical industry insiders running the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), we need to leverage public pressure to hold them accountable to their duty of protecting Americans.

Our unified voice is the strongest tool we have to raise awareness and shape policy to #ENDMeso and the other asbestos-caused diseases. Please submit your six-word quote about how asbestos has impacted your life along with a photo that embodies your story. ADAO will combine your quote and image to create a personalized graphic you can share. Personalized graphics will be emailed to the submitter and placed in a public Facebook album. 

2016 Raise Your Voice #ENDMeso Quotes

In addition to sharing your story, you can spread awareness by sharing the stories of others. When you see others share their graphic online, hit retweet or share and keep the conversation going. With each post, share, or retweet, you are raising asbestos and mesothelioma awareness.

Join ADAO and the global community to Raise YOUR Voice to #ENDMeso today.

Find more ways to get involved: Make September Mesothelioma Awareness Month – Here’s How! 

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