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ADAO’s Asbestos: See For Yourself campaign has been well received, and we are very grateful for the opportunity to share pictures of asbestos, the invisible killer. Tony Rich, an industrial hygienist who has provided photographs for the campaign, effectively reveals that asbestos is no invisible killer, but a real threat that everyone can see. Through the course of his occupation, and personal endeavor, Tony has developed a collection of asbestos-related photographs, product materials, artifacts, historical books & manuals, industry documents, and other associated media.

For the past 18 years, Tony has specialized in asbestos-related work, including: inspections, abatement monitoring, project management and regulatory compliance, air sample analyses, and worker training. He has also received training from the McCrone Research Institute for the microscopical identification of bulk asbestos via polarized-light microscopy (PLM). In promotion of asbestos awareness advocacy, Tony has made available many of his asbestos-related images, provided asbestos product materials for research and education purposes, and created asbestos training display aides for various organizations worldwide (including an exhibit in Washington D.C.).

Tony’s collection reveals the prevalence of asbestos in homes, offices, and other everyday places. The Asbestos: See For Yourself campaign is about the pictures and the experience of seeing millions of deadly asbestos fibers. We want to share, and we want you to share, the reality of asbestos. The asbestos is real, and it’s time to see the deadly mineral for yourself.  Prevention remains the only cure.

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