Posted on November 22, 2014

Professor Takahashi, Linda, and Dr. Lemen

Professor Ken Takahashi, Linda Reinstein, and Dr. Richard Lemen

There were over 260 delegates from five countries who attended the Australian Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA)’s 1st International Asbestos Awareness and Management landmark conference. It was an honor to be an international keynote speaker and present “The Importance of Building and Sustaining Strategic Global and Domestic Partnerships.” I dedicated my presentation to five Australian Mesothelioma Warriors Lou, Julie, Bernie, Anita, Tony and spoke about Michael Bradley, Janelle Bedel, and Debbie Brewer.  A Slideshare link to my PowerPoint presentation is included at the bottom of this blog.

ADAO applauds the Australian Government for recognizing the dangers of asbestos and setting an invaluable precedent for other governments, as they are the first country to hold a conference with the intention of spreading awareness about asbestos and protecting its citizens.  We hope other governments will soon follow Australia’s lead in increasing national asbestos awareness efforts.

My presentation focused on how ADAO has harnessed the digital revolution and social media to spark and sustain international collaboration and prevention efforts. After the presentation, I participated in a panel discussion with Paul Bastian, National Secretary at Australian Manufacturing Worker’s Union, and Kate Lee, from Union Aid Abroad (APHEDA).

Many innovative ideas were shared and valuable partnerships were made. The partnerships ADAO formed while at the conference were not only formed by hearing new information from presenters, but also from powerful conversations in the hallways and meeting finally meeting people in person after only interacting on social media. ADAO is thankful for the new partnerships and friendships formed at the ASEA Conference and we look forward to future international collaborative efforts.  A communique was even developed by the conference outlining the efforts needed to ensure that Australia is free of asbestos risks. To access the communique, please visit the ASEA agency website and download the document.

Don’t forget to join us in celebrating Australia National Asbestos Awareness Week from November 24 – 30.

The conference was also covered by the Canberra Times.  Photos from the conference can be accessed here.

In unity, Linda