Posted August 8, 2016 

ADAO needs you to share with the the EPA that it’s time to ban asbestos. 

#Top Ten CANVAWhen President Obama signed TSCA reform into law in June, he delivered a huge victory to our community and to Americans by recognizing the dangers of asbestos and EPA failure to ban this toxin.  In doing so, he also kick-started our next—even more important—step toward an asbestos ban and a safer America: TSCA implementation.

The EPA now has the ball in their court.  Under the new law, EPA is tasked with first prioritizing 10 high-risk chemicals for risk evaluation and regulation. EPA must select these 10 high-risk chemicals from the 2014 TSCA Work Plan for Chemical Assessments, giving preference to chemicals that have a “Persistence and Bioaccumulation Score of 3” and “are known human carcinogens and have high acute and chronic toxicity.”

Get ready!

EPA It's Time to Ban Asbestos CANVA (2)EPA is holding two public meetings to discuss the “processes for risk evaluation and chemical prioritization for risk evaluation,” on August 9 – 10. ADAO will participate in this meeting, providing comments and written testimony about our position urging EPA to ensure asbestos the top 10 chemicals selected for prioritized safety testing under 2016 TSCA reforms. We will highlight the overwhelming consensus among public health and environmental groups confirming that asbestos must be one of the first chemicals be tested and regulated. Some groups have different ideas on what chemicals should be in the top 10, but everyone agrees that asbestos must be on the list.

While ADAO urges the EPA to ban asbestos, we need YOU to bring the FACES and the facts together! Starting today, join ADAO’s Social Media Blitz on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook using the messages and graphics below:

  • Twitter: I’m calling on the @EPA to prioritize #asbestos on the 2016 #TSCA #TopTen list for risk evaluation.
  • Facebook: I’m calling on the @EPA to prioritize #asbestos on the 2016 #TSCA #TopTen list for risk evaluation.
  • Instagram: I’m calling on the @EPA to prioritize #asbestos on the 2016 #TSCA #TopTen list for risk evaluation.

And as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so I encourage you to include a graphic along with your Tweets and posts. You can share your personalized Raise Your Voice graphic, as well as the ADAO general Ban Imports graphic included within this post. You can even temporarily change your profile picture to a supportive graphic.

Thank you for joining the fight and supporting ADAO’s mission for an asbestos ban. Our collective voice is our strongest tool for change!

Together, we are making the world a safer, healthier place for everyone.


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