///Five New Unique and Easy Ways to Donate to the Asbestos Disease Awareness Org

Five New Unique and Easy Ways to Donate to the Asbestos Disease Awareness Org

Posted on September 2, 2019

ADAO is extremely pleased to announce five new ways that you can support our work! Every contribution ADAO receives goes directly toward important work, including disease prevention, policy reform efforts, and education initiatives. Now, thanks to the launch of our new fundraising platform, you can play an integral role in all of this!

Nearly 40,000 Americans die each year from asbestos-related diseases. But we are dedicated to getting this number to zero, and we need your help.

Here is how you can help:

Create a Memorial Fundraiser

Honor your loved one’s legacy with a personal fundraising page hosted on the ADAO website. Photos and stories can be added to customize your webpage, and donors will also be able to leave personal messages when sharing gifts, allowing you to celebrate the memory of your loved one together. Our own stories are the most powerful tool we have in this fight, and we hope this new platform can help you share yours.  

Dedicate an Event to ADAO’s Education, Advocacy, and Community 

It’s never been easier to dedicate a special event to a meaningful cause. Our new donation platform has tailor-made options for a special life event, enabling you to endow your celebration with even more meaning. Consider using your birthday, wedding, bar or bat mitzvah, or whatever you please to support ADAO’s work.

“Active Against Asbestos”

The “Active Against Asbestos” campaign seamlessly allows you to turn your sports activity or endurance challenge into an ADAO fundraiser. Collect pledges, sponsors or supporters for your 5K, hike, or bicycle trip and help create a world free of asbestos-linked disease.

Organize a Work Fundraiser

Additionally, companies and working professionals can start a fundraiser dedicated to ADAO for their corporate social responsibility goals. These partnerships can have an especially important impact. ADAO’s mission aligns with the stated philanthropic goals of lots of companies out there, and we would thrilled to work with you to realize them.

Doing Our Part: Individual Donations

As we open all of these new opportunities for supporters to get involved with ADAO’s work, we continue to welcome your individual contributions. Each and every donation contributes to the success of ADAO and the fight against asbestos. We cannot do our work without individual contributions, so please donate and share with your friends and family. 

Thank You

ADAO is, and always will be, a community. Inside every formal campaign, from a legal challenge against the Environmental Protection Agency to an international conference with hundreds of attendees, is the desire to bring people together. We are immensely grateful for our network of supporters. Your compassion, perseverance, and hard work make our annual conferences, community support efforts, and prevention and educational campaigns possible.

As time has proven, we are stronger together, and with your help, we will make true change happen.


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