Posted on April 1, 2011

GAAWOur global community wants to join our U.S. National Asbestos Awareness Week from April 1st – April 7th – so based on demand, we will join together for Global Asbestos Awareness Week!

The World Health Organization reported “in 2004, asbestos-related lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis from occupational exposures resulted in 107,000 deaths and 1,523,000 DALYs.

Disability-adjusted life year (DALY) is defined as the measure of overall disease burden expressed as the number of years lost due to ill-health, disability or early death.

But these aren’t just numbers; these are individuals, families, and friends who have been impacted by preventable deadly diseases.  So ink your calendars, share the news, and watch for exciting details on how we will work around the world to raise asbestos awareness to prevent asbestos-caused diseases.

The time is now, and together, change is possible.  Join us on Facebook where we are “Turning Anger Into Action” and at ADAO.

Mavis, thank you for suggesting Global Asbestos Awareness Week – I dedicate my efforts to you and our global Facebook community!

In unity,

Linda Reinstein, Mesothelioma Widow (Facebook)