Posted on April 3, 2016

Each year, ADAO dedicates April 1-7 to increasing awareness of asbestos and preventing exposure by bringing together experts and victims from around the world to share, learn, and take action.  To view all 7 days of Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW) contributors and content on our landing page, please click here.

Hear Asbestos. Think Prevention.™

Asbestos is a known carcinogen and there is no safe level of exposure. Since the 19th century, asbestos  was widely used in construction, shipbuilding, and the automotive industry. Without a ban, asbestos remains legal and lethal in the USA and nearly 70% of the world today.

quincyToday, we are sharing Quincy Jones’ short documentary about his upcoming HBO Special!

Meet comedian, Quincy Jones, who will fulfill his “dying wish” and tape a one-hour comedy special on April 4 at the Telegram Ballroom in Los Angeles. Quincy, age 32, has stage 4 mesothelioma.

“I am beyond excited to film my first of what I hope to be many more HBO specials. It is an honor and I am very blessed and can’t wait to see it air”, said Quincy in a recent interview.

It was just this February after we finished ADAO’s 9th Congressional Staff Briefing in Washington, DC, when a text from Jordan Zevon, ADAO National Spokesperson, lit up my phone and shared Quincy’s story.  “Call Quincy, maybe we can help him.” Jordan had seen his Kickstarter Campaign, “Comedian Dying of Cancer Hopes to Make a Stand-Up Special.”

After connecting via email, I had the pleasure of meeting and watching Quincy perform in February.  His talent runs deep, and so does his motivation to raise awareness.  As we chatted, he too was “very shocked, confused and hurt as to why” asbestos was still legal and lethal in the United States and in more than 60% of the world. Chills ran down my spine as Quincy shared the July 2015 tape-recording of his doctor telling him that he had mesothelioma.  There is nothing funny about asbestos, a known carcinogen, but I know Quincy will drive awareness to new heights.

quincy ellenQuincy’s Kickstarter campaign caught the attention of Ellen DeGeneres, who had him on as a guest. Unbeknownst to him, Ellen generously donation to his campaign, and also worked her magic with HBO and inked a special taping.  In just a few weeks, Quincy’s Kickstarter campaign nearly quadrupled the fundraising goal. Quincy has raised more than just funds for his comedy special; he has raised asbestos and mesothelioma awareness.

Quincy notes, “I’m honored to even have a day in this amazing informative week… I say go get informed and write to your politicians and ask why are we still using this deadly material?”

Please join ADAO by supporting Quincy and raising awareness by sharing this blog.  Quincy, our ADAO family wishes you good luck on April 4th!

Together, change is possible.

Linda Reinstein

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