Posted on April 7, 2016

Each year, ADAO dedicates April 1-7 to increasing awareness of asbestos and preventing exposure by bringing together experts and victims from around the world to share, learn, and take action.  To view all 7 days of Global Asbestos Awareness Week (GAAW) contributors and content on our landing page, please click here.

Asbestos is a known carcinogen and there is no safe level of exposure. Since the 19th century, asbestos  was widely used in construction, shipbuilding, and the automotive industry. Without a ban, asbestos remains legal and lethal in the USA and nearly 70% of the world today.

Today, the last day of Global Asbestos Awareness Week, we are sharing Michael Bradley’s story.

Michael, a 29-year-old Mesothelioma Warrior from the U.S., sadly lost his courageous battle in 2014. His passion and hope inspire us to continue the fight to increase asbestos awareness to protect all the “Michaels” in our world. We also light a candle and share Mike’s Story “The Opportunity to Grow as a Person

Click here to read Michael’s story: “Asbestos Has Changed My Life.”

Asbestos Victims’ Candlelight Vigil

General Condolences VICTIMSOur ADAO community will gather today for a virtual candlelight vigil to honor the warriors fighting asbestos disease and remember those we have lost. Click here to light an online candle which burns brightly for 48 hours. We light these candles with heavy hearts, but also with hope for a brighter future without asbestos.

Global Asbestos Awareness Week is a reminder each year of the importance of education in order to prevent asbestos exposure, disease, and death. You can make a difference. Take action by connecting with ADAO on Facebook and sharing GAAW’s content with your social network.  This week’s blogs, infographics such as Asbestos: Legal and Lethal in the USA, and ADAO’s educational resources can easily be shared with friends and family – and may save lives!

Thank you to everyone for their participation in this year’s Global Asbestos Awareness Week!  We are deeply grateful for the support of our contributors and those who joined the GAAW conversation around the world. Together, we will ban asbestos.  Until then, prevention is our best tool to protect our international community.

Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban

ADAO will continue this action that began on March 10, 2014 which has nearly 800 “Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban” signatures.  ADAO will publish the updated list of signatories on April 7, 2016.

Take Action_edited-1

Click here to see and share the 2016 Declaration.

Together, we make change happen.

Linda Reinstein

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Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban

 Whereas Global Asbestos Awareness Week, April 1-7, has been designated as a week to raise awareness about the dangers of asbestos and to ban asbestos;

Whereas asbestos is a known human carcinogen and has been classified by the International Agency for Research on Cancer as a Group 1 human carcinogen;

Whereas inhalation of airborne asbestos fibers of all types can cause cancer such as mesothelioma (cancer of the lung lining), gastrointestinal, laryngeal, ovarian and lung cancer, as well as asbestosis and other respiratory problems; mesothelioma, lung, gastrointestinal, colorectal, laryngeal,colorectal, and ovarian cancers;

Whereas no safe minimum level of exposure has been identified for any type of asbestos;

Whereas asbestos-related diseases can take 10 to 50 years to present themselves;

Whereas the usual expected survival time for those diagnosed with mesothelioma is between 6 and 24 months;

Whereas workers’ family and community members are also at risk of disease from asbestos fibers brought into their homes or otherwise released into the environment;

Whereas the former U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Regina Benjamin stated, “Anyone who disturbs asbestos is at risk”;

Whereas the World Health Organization states, “More than 107,000 people die each year from asbestos-related lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis resulting from occupational exposures” – which translates into around 300 people each day from preventable asbestos-caused diseases;

Whereas the World Health Organization states, “125 million people in the world are exposed to asbestos at the workplace”;

Whereas the World Health Organization states, “One in every three deaths from occupational cancer is estimated to be caused by asbestos”;

Whereas the United States stopped mining asbestos in 2002 and Canada stopped in 2011, but neither country has banned asbestos;

Whereas in 2014, Russia, China, Brazil, and Kazakhstan were the largest asbestos producers in the world;

Whereas a global network of lobby groups have spent nearly $100 million since the mid-1980s to preserve the international asbestos market;

Whereas over 90% of the world production of chrysotile asbestos is used in the manufacture of asbestos-cement, in the form of pipes, sheets and shingles;

Whereas there are numerous proven substitutes for asbestos products;

Whereas more than 50 countries have banned asbestos, but neither the United States nor Canada have banned asbestos;

Whereas the U.S. Toxic Substances Control Act of 1976 has failed to ban asbestos;

Therefore be it urgently resolved that we, the signatories of the Global Asbestos Awareness Week Declaration for a Worldwide Asbestos Ban, support the World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with the International Labour Organization and with other intergovernmental organizations and civil society to work towards elimination of asbestos-related diseases, in the following WHO strategic directions:

  • “Recognizing that the only most efficient way to eliminate asbestos-related diseases is to stop the use of all types of asbestos;
  • Replacing asbestos with safer substitutes and developing economic and technological mechanisms to stimulate its replacement and support workers and communities in a just transition;
  • Taking measures to prevent exposure to asbestos in place and during asbestos removal (abatement), and;
  • Improving early diagnosis, treatment, social and medical rehabilitation for of asbestos-related diseases and establishing registries of people with past and/or current exposures to asbestos.”


As of April 6, 2016

Dr. Richard Lemen, United States

Dr. Arthur Frank, United States

Linda Reinstein, United States

Emily Reinstein, United States

Herman Hamilton, United States

Paul Zygielbaum, United States

Dr. David Egilman, United States

Dr. Ken Takahashi, Japan

Patrick Martin, Member of Parliament, Canada

Alec Farquhar, Canada

Abigail Lawes, England

Ada Lockridge, Canada

Adam Kaminski, United Kingdom

Adam Lesko, United States

Adam Mcintyre, United Kingdom

Adonna Bailey, United States

Adrian Allsopp, United Kingdom

Ajat Sudrajat, Indonesia

Al Vega, United States

Alessandro Pugno, Italy

Alex Mccrae, United States

Alfred Hucker, Australia

Alice Steigerwald, United States

Alicia Ward, United States

Alissa Boardley, Canada

Allan Graveson, United Kingdom

Allan Mcardle, United Kingdom

Amanda Cameron, United States

Amanda Fields, United States

Amanda King, United Kingdom

Amjad  Satti, United Kingdom

Amy Gutenstein, United States

Amy Liebman, United States

Amy Walden, United States

Amy Williams, United States

Ananda Beaty, United States

Andrea Gouveia Roche, United States

Andrea Smith, United Kingdom

Andree Zeritsch, Canada

Andrés Trotta, Argentina

Andrew Baker, England

Andrew Oberta, United States

Andy Turner, United Kingdom

Angela Agnew, United Kingdom

Angela Barnett, United States

Angela Canendo, Australia

Angela Flanagan, United States

Angela Graffagnino, United States

Angelo Garcia Iii, United States

Ann Searle, United Kingdom

Anne Campbell, Scotland

Anne Davison, United States

Anne Mulhare, United Kingdom

Anne Quinn, Ireland

Annemarie Rossmell, United States

Annette Sorensen, United States

Annie Thebaud Mony, France

Anthony Robbins, United States

Antoinette Bonsignore, United States

Antonio Bernardo Reyes, Sapin

Antony Raju, India

Antony Smith, United Kingdom

Apolinar Tolentino, Philippines

Araceli Saenz, United States

Art Wickman, United States

Arve Meum, Denmark

Ashok Shrimali, India

Aslı Kiliçdoğan, Turkey

Assunta Prato, Italy

Ate Footerz, Australia

Autumn Coon, United States

Barb Macmaster, Canada

Barbara Burton, United States

Barbara Clark, United States

Barbara Cutts, United States

Barbara Oxendine, United States

Barbara Rahke, United States

Barry Castleman, United States

Barry Collins, United Kingdom

Barry Creswell, United Kingdom

Beey Salisbury, United Kingdom

Benito Guerrero, United States

Bennet Zurofsky, United States

Bennie Cameron, United States

Betty Brown, Ireland

Betty Plemmons, United States

Betty Tucker, United States

Bob Leary, United States

Bonnie Anderson, United States

Brad Black, United States

Brendon Wickham, Australia

Brent Stephens, United States

Brett Kirton-Wood, United Kingdom

Brian Cameron, United States

Brian Jones, United Kingdom

Brian Robinson, United Kingdom

Bruno Pesce, Italy

Brynnen Ririe, United Kingdom

Can Kızgındemir, Turkey

Candace Whitstine, United States

Candi Hatin, United States

Cara Vanbibber Lanham, United States

Caren Stiffel, United States

Carl Snowden, England

Carmen Lima, Portugal

Carol Baird, Australia

Carol Hillier, Australia

Carol Weekes, Canada

Carolina Leiva, Australia

Carolyn Black, United Kingdom

Carolyn Black, United Kingdom

Carrie Mcnamara, United States

Catherine Gilby, United Kingdom

Cathie Zuspan, United States

Cathy Conrad, Canada

Caz Van Plaggenhoef, The Netherlands

Cecilia Montano, United States

Celeste Monforton, United States

Charles Boyle, United Kingdom

Charles Boyle, United Kingdom

Charles Levenstein, United States

Charles Perea, United States

Charlotte Brody, United States

Charlotte Vangenechten, Canada

Chastity Brown, United States

Cher Rogers, United States

Cheryl Mcbryde, United States

Chloe Boarer, United Kingdom

Chris Handshoe, United States

Christa Clark, Canada

Christina Crain, United States

Christine Wilson, Canada

Christine Winter, United Kingdom

Christopher Meisenkothen, United States

Cindy Hamilton, United States

Claire Stokes, United Kingdom

Clare Purser, United Kingdom

Claudia Batiste, United States

Claudia Rhorer, United States

Clive Bell, United Kingdom

Cody Egan, United States

Colin Boarer, England

Colin Ellis, England

Colin Nolan, United Kingdom

Connie Capizzi            , United States

Consuelo Van Beek, Canada

Craig Slatin, United States

Crystal Wiedow, United States

Cynthia Stanley, United States

Cynthia Talley, United States

Dan Berman, United States

Daniel Todd, United Kingdom

Darran Moreton, England

Dave Charlton, Australia

David Cutts, United States

David Dioguardi, United States

David Evans, United States

David Haroon, United Kingdom

David Jones, Wales

David Kotelchuck, United States

David Lawrence, United Kingdom

David Legrande, United States

David Neuenschwander, United States

David Ride, Australia

David Roberts, United States

David Schwartz, United States

Dawn Orvig, United States

Deb Jellick, United States

Debbie Bentley, United States

Debbie Ritchie, United States

Debbie Wooden, United States

Dr. Deborah Cotton, United States

Deborah Ramsay, Scotland

Deidre Vangerven, New Zealand

Dena Brown, United States

Deni Watts, Australia

Denise Hollowed, United States

Derek   Maylor, United Kingdom

Derrick Fernie, Canada

Diana Cohen, United States

Diana Davey, Spain

Diana Evens-Hein, United States

Diana Ryan, United States

Diane Mccrae, United States

Diane Salisbury, United Kingdom

Dick Wasser, United States

Diego Palaguachi, United States

Dionne Petitpas, United States

Domani Tripam, United States

Domyung Paek, South Korea

Don Neuenschwander, United States

Donna Carlo, United States

Dorothy Stewart, United States

Dorothy Wigmore, Canada

Doug Mcnamee, United States

Dov Peled, Israel

Edward Collinson, England

Edward Harrison, United Kingdom

Edwin Mikulecky, United States

Eileen Dioguardi, United States

Eileen  Riebel, United States

Elaine  Fleming, Northern Ireland

Eleanor Rochowicz, United States

Elena Rivera, United States

Elise Pechter, United States

Elizabeth Bombelyn, United States

Elizabeth Dyer, Canada

Elizabeth Knight, United States

Elizabeth Krete, Canada

Elizabeth Pfatschbacher, United States

Elizabeth Stravoravdis, United Kingdom

Elizabeth Tobal, Australia

Ellen Tunkelrott, United States

Emily Bankhead, United States

Emily Jellick, United States

Enver Yaser Kucukgul, Turkey

Enzo Ferro, Italy

Eric Gunderson, Canada

Eric Jonckheere, Belgium

Ericka  Ayube, United States

Erik Muller, United Kingdom

Erika Ferrell, United States

Erin Cribb, Australia

Erin Kesler, United States

Erin Palmer, Canada

Esin Dincer, Turkey

Esther Odriscoll, United Kingdom

Dr. Eudice Goldberg, Canada

Eugeni Jordi Rivera Rayo, Spain

Evelyn Dr. Glensk, Germany

Evelyn Zerin, United States

Fernando Bejarano, Mexico

Fiona Eyre, Australia

Floyd Cameron, United States

Fran Ansley, United States

Francesca Bichisecchi, United States

Fred Zaidman, United States

Gamze Mengüten, Turkey

Gannon Mccauley, Canada

Gary Jellick, United States

Gary Strempel, Australia

Gene Murray, United States

Geoff Guest, Australia

Geralynn Loomis, United States

Gert Van Der Laan, The Netherlands

Gill Waugh, United Kingdom

Gina Ferraro, United States

Ginger Horton, United States

Gisele Barrionuevo, United States

Giuliana Busto, Italy

Glenis  Williamson, United Kingdom

Gloria Gramt, Canada

Graham Sherlock-Brown, United Kingdom

Greg Byrne, United Kingdom

Gregory Siwinski, United States

Guadalupe Aguilar-Madrid,  México

Halie Mcdaniel, United States

Hannah Walden, United States

Hanne Mintz, United States

Hassan Sohn, Brazil

Heather Bouchard, Canada

Heather Gibbs, United Kingdom

Heidi Perry, United States

Helen Colbert, Australia

Helen Jones, Australia

Helen Lynn, United Kingdom

Helen Wellman, United States

Henk Van Plaggenhoef, The Netherlands

Hilda Palmer, United Kingdom

Hope Robertson, Scotland

Ian Sheppard, Australia

Inpeng Meunviseth, Laos

Irene Blair, Scotland

Irene Florian, United States

Irene Hernandez, United States

Irene Klingemann, United States

Irene Taliaferro, United States

Iris Cree, United States

Isobel Lovett, United Kingdom

Jack Brown, United Kingdom

Jack Nelson, United States

Jackie Coupland, Canada

Jackie Manthorne, Canada

Jackie Mercer, Canada

Jagdish Patel, India

Jaime Maldonad, United States

James Brophy, Canada

James Leigh, Australia

James Novek, United States

James Wilson, England

Jamie Weaver, United States

Jan Malique, Wales

Jan Van Zelm, The Netherlands

Jane Adamson, United Kingdom

Jane Gray Todd, United States

Jane Howes, United Kingdom

Janet Fiore, United States

Jann Smith, United States

Janne Hansen, Denmark

Jason Duquette, United States

Jason Greene, United Kingdom

Javier Garcia Hernandez, United States

Jay Herzmark, United States

Jaymie Bedel, United States

Jean Harte, United States

Jean Rabovsky, United States

Jean Snyder, United States

Jean Walsh, United States

Jeanette Turner, United Kingdom

Jeff Bennie, Canada

Jeff Crowe, Australia

Jeffrey Hiett, United Kingdom

Jennifer Davison, United States

Jennifer Goodman, United States

Jennifer Miller, United States

Jennifer Murray, Canada

Jennifer Novek, United States

Jennifer Wisdom, England

Jenny Hahnel, Australia

Jenny Schieman, Canada

Jerrie Coler, United States

Jessica Mattmuller, United States

Jessica Shearburn, United States

Jessica Turner, United States

Jim Brophy, Canada

Joan Lichterman, United States

Joan Van Daalen, Canada

Joann Blunt, United States

Joanna Shaefer, United Kingdom

Joanne Perry, United Kingdom

João Carlos Duarte Paes, Brazil

Joe O’neil, Scotland

Joel Shufro, United States

John Breidenbach, United States

John Chapman, United States

John Flanagan, United Kingdom

John Graversgaard, Denmark

John Kinder, United States

John King, United States

John Maggs, United Kingdom

John Mcclean, United Kingdom

John Morawetz, United States

John Trimbur, United States

John Wallis, United States

Johnny Greene, United States

Jon Whelan, United States

Jonathan Quade, United States

Jonothon Twist, Australia

Jordan Knape, United States

Joyce Stowe-Longchamp, United States

Judith Denowitz, United States

Judith Graber, United States

Judith Sweeney, United States

Judith Wilson, United Kingdom

Jules Howell, United Kingdom

Julianna Farrell, United States

Julie Ashton, England

Julie Burns, United States

Julie Kryzaniwskyj, United States

Julie Scheidel, United States

Julie Scott-Moncrieff, Canada

Juliette Church, United Kingdom

K Pennington, United States

Kamila Szyszka, Poland/United Kingdom

Kara Collins, United States

Karen Banton, Australia

Karen Dunn, Spain

Karen Kenngott, United States

Karen Meechan, England

Karen Miller, United States

Karen Mulloy, United States

Karen Zeak, United States

Kat Dawes, Wales

Kate McKerlie, Canada

Kath OConnell, United Kingdom

Kathi Black, United States

Kathleen Humphrey, United Kingdom

Kathleen Jenkins, United Kingdom

Kathleen Pearson, Australia

Kathleen Ruff, Canada

Kathryn Freeman, Canada

Kathy Erndl, United States

Kathy Rankin, United States

Katie Nealon, United States

Katsuo Nishiyama, Japan

Katy Fast, United States

Keith Fry, United States

Keith Hinze, United States

Keith Wrightson, United States

Kelechi Isiugo, United States

Ken Hautala, Canada

Ken Silver, United States

Kenneth Rosenman, United States

Kenya Robbins, United States

Kerri Henry, Canada

Kevin Cannan, United States

Kevin Huyton, England

Kim Guest, Australia

Kim Hiscocks, Canada

Kim Hoover, United States

Kim Sebesta, United States

Kimberly Milan, United States

Kristen Wooden, United States

Kristin Samuelson, United States

Kristy Roberts, United States

Kyle Robbins, United States

Lars Henriksen, Denmark

Laura Auciello, United States

Laura Baker, United States

Laura Ceresna, India

Laura Evens, United States

Laura Guill, Canada

Laura Kuzmick, United States

Laura Punnett, United States

Laura Stock, United States

Laurie Rice, United States

Leah Nielsen, United States

Leanne Billingham, Australia

Leanne Bradley, United States

Leanne Mcleod, Australia

Lee Hurt, United States

Leigh Nordhoff, United Kingdom

Leigh Ann Wood, States

Lenny Goldberg, United States

Leslee Samuel, England

Lesley Hawkins, United Kingdom

Lesley Shears, Australia

Leslie Boyer, United Kingdom

Lidia Lucaski, Brazil

Lina Bhatt, United Kingdom

Linda Goldenhar, United States

Linda Gordon, Australia

Linda Muller, Australia

Linda Richards, United States

Linda Thomas, Australia

Lindsay Forsman-Phillips, Canada

Lisa Bhella, United States

Lisa Bradshaw, United Kingdom

Lisa Cassel, United States

Lisa Crandall, United States

Lisa Dawson, United States

Lisa Dixon, United States

Lisa Gonzalez, United States

Lisa Olsen, United States

Lisa Palmehn, United States

Lisa Thompson, United States

Liz Andel, United States

Liz Borkowski, United States

Liz Shears, Australia

Lois Guy, United States

Lonna Vandermeer, United States

Lorraine Holliss, United Kingdom

Lorraine Reed, United States

Lou Williams, Australia

Lucia Lapaz, United States

Lucia Trimbur, United States

Lucilia Nandi, Brasil

Lundy Braun, United States

Lupita Borrego, United States

Luzdary Giraldo, United States

Lynda Considine, Australia

Lyndsey Ryder, England

Lynn Hasselberger, United States

Lynne Williams, United Kingdom

M V Prajapati, India

Madelyn Chaber, United States

Maia Hough, United Kingdom

Manlio Monfardini, Italy

Marc Hindry, France

Marcia Barbacki, United States

Marcie Rees, United States

Marcus Lovett, Australia

Margaret Keith, Canada

Margot Hoyte, Australia

Marianne Levitsky, Canada

Marina Mintz, United States

Marisela Lopez, United States

Marjory Vinet, New Zealand

Mark Boyd, United States

Mark Carver, Canada

Mark Szep, United States

Mark Winter, United Kingdom

Marlene Montanez, United States

Marli Beer, Canada

Marlyn Landin, United States

Martin Bate, United Kingdom

Martin Entwisle, England

Martin Gicinga, Kenya

Martin Mulchrone, United Kingdom

Martyn Hayward, United Kingdom

Mary D’Alba, United States

Mary Elizabeth            Esposito, United States

Mary Esposito, United States

Mary Howicz, United States

Mary Jane Zonak, United States

Mary Kittle, United States

Mary Lou Finley, United States

Mary Sue Larson, United States

Mary Thome, United States

Mary Vogel, United States

Mary Wallis, United States

Matt Davison, United States

Matt Raven, United States

Matthew Brazel, Australia

Matthew Clark, United States

Matthew Mattmuller, United States

Maureen Dioguardi, United States

Maureen Gelfer, New Zealand

Maureen Soch, Canada

Maureen Wall, United States

Mauri Johansson, Denmark

Mavis Nye, United Kingdom

Megan Tucker, United States

Meghan Wiedow, United States

Melody Lightfoot, United States

Mert Ekşi, Turkey

Metoda Dodič Fikfak, Slovenia

Michael Bowker, United States

Michael Crill, United States

Michael Dennen, United States

Michael Evans, United States

Michael Neal, Canada

Michael Sholinbeck, United States

Michele Boles, United States

Michele Cabot, United States

Michele Lalonge-Davey, Canada

Michele Mikulic, United States

Michele Ochsner, United States

Michele Pearce, Great Britain

Michelle Broyles, United States

Michelle Kimmel, United States

Michelle Orr, N. Ireland

Michelle Osborne, Canada

Mike Buch, United States

Mike Erndl, United States

Mike Luna, United States

Mike Mattmuller, United States

Mike Payne, United Kingdom

Mindy Laing, United States

Missy Bowles, United States

Misty Bradley, United States

Mohit Gupta, India

Monica White, Canada

Mustafa Baspinar, Turkey

Nancy Buszinski, United States

Nancy  Edwards, United States

Natalie Woodward, United Kingdom

Neil Crammon, United Kingdom

Nicola Pondrano, Italy

Nicole Key, United States

Nicole Ortiz-Rich, United States

Nicole Stringfellow, United Kingdom

Niels Juelsbak, Denmark

Nina Petrie, United Kingdom

Odber Standal Jr., United States

Paolo Liedholm, Italy

Paolo Manzo, Brazil

Paolo Monico, United States

Patrice Woeppel, United States

Patricia Flesuras, United States

Patricia Gaglio, United States

Patricia Golding, England

Patricia Goode, United States

Patricia Handley, England

Patricia Messerschmidt, United States

Patricia Savage, Canada

Patrick Andersen, Canada

Patrick Mccormack, Australia

Patrik Tast, Finland

Paul Bridger, United Kingdom

Paul Hall, United States

Paul King, United Kingdom

Paul Zenak, United States

Paula Silva, Portugal

Paula Wittner, United States

Paulo Andrade, Brasil

Paulo Roberto Stockler, Brasil

Pawel Polcik, United Kingdom

Pay Randlev, Denmark

Penny Major, United States

Per Thorendahl, Denmark

Peter Davidson, United Kingdom

Peter Doob, United States

Peter Farrell, United Kingdom

Peter Galvin, Australia

Peter Nielsen, Denmark

Peter Wallace, United Kingdom

Peter Watson, United Kingdom

Phil Thomas, United Kingdom

Philip Lewis, United Kingdom

Phillip Woodliffe, United Kingdom

Phoebe Osborne, United Kingdom

Phyllis Doss, United States

Pier Giacomo Betta, Italia

R K Manwar, India

Rachel Shaneyfelt, United States

Rachel  Uffindell, Linconshire

Raenotta Fannin, United States

Rand Arnold, United States

Raya Bodnarchuk, United States

Rebecca Biddle , United Kingdom

Rebecca Crosland, United Kingdom

Rebecca Hannan, Australia

Rebecca Knapp, United Kingdom

Rebecca Koo, United States

Rebecca Shearburn, United States

Rebecca Soja, United States

Rene Wohleb, United States

Renee Sednew, United States

Renee West, United States

Rhonda Little, United States

Richard Dimatteo, United States

Richard Morgan, United Kingdom

Richard Rabin, United States

Rick Dioguardi, United States

Rick Engler, United States

Rick Kelley, United States

Ricky Fais, United Kingdom

Riette Van Der Merwe, Australia

Rita Sumner, United States

Robert Bywater, United Kingdom

Dr. Robert Cameron, United States

Robert Harrison, United States

Robert Kuzmick, United States

Robert Laumbach, United States

Roberta Welling, United States

Robin Butler, United States

Robyn Ryan, Australia

Rod Smith, Australia

Roger Tickner, Canada

Romana Blasotti, Italy

Rosalie Fletcher, United Kingdom

Rose Terry, Israel

Rosemary Clark, United States

Rossana Tepper, Australia

Royston Dorsa, United States

Rui Silva, Portugal

Russell Jenkins, United States

Ruth Baer, United States

Ryan Blair, United States

Ryan Cribb, Australia

Sam Faieta, United States

Samantha Boardley, Canada

Sandra Fabbri Monfardini, Italy

Sandra Kinart, Canada

Sandra Neuenschwander, United States

Sandra Taylor, Canada

Sandy Alp, Australia

Sandy Hay, Australia

Sanjay Gupta, Canada

Sara Markle-Elder, United States

Sara Robertson, United Kingdom

Sarah Burn, Australia

Satinder Bains, Great Britain

Selina Hoover, United States

Sergio Roggero, Italy

Shannon Williams, United States

Shari Scarpelli, Canada

Sharon Fiebel, United States

Sharon Hardek, United States

Sharyn Fenech, Australia

Shawn Boyle, United States

Shawn Mattison, United States

Sheila Humberstone, England

Shelby Quade, United States

Shelly Kozicki, United States

Sherman Kane, United States

Sheryl Sanders, United States

Shirley Beverton, United Kingdom

Shirley White, Australia

Sian Hucker, Australia

Simon Hallas, United Kingdom

Simon Harrington, England

Sinem Kankotan, Turkey

Sol Gamsu, United Kingdom

Soledad Fajardo, Argentina

Sophia Rich, United States

Stacy Cattran, Canada

Stephanie Fletcher, England

Stephanie Mackay, United Kingdom

Steve Mooser, United States

Steven Compton, United States

Steven Donnelly, United States

Steven Smiles, United Kingdom

Stewart Beer, Canada

Su M, Australia

Sue Beck, United States

Sue Campbell, United Kingdom

Sue Jones, Australia

Sukkoun Lee, Korea

Susan Arnold, United States

Susan Embry-Busch, United States

Susan Mcquade, United States

Susan Richard, United States

Susan Tulloch, Australia

Susana Muhlmann, Argentina

Suzanne Czaplewski, United States

Suzanne Hare, Canada

Suzanne Marria, United States

Suzanne Prymek, United States

Suzanne Wickham, Australia

Suzie Jeng, United Kingdom

Syed Mezab Ahmed, Pakistan

Tammy Bailey, United States

Tammy Miser, United States

Tara Jensen, United States

Taylor Katabaich, United States

Ted Walker, United Kingdom

Teresa Dehning, United States

Terri Wood, United States

Terry Brough, United Kingdom

Terry Mcintosh, United States

Theresa Rogers, United States

Dr. Thomas Gassert, United States

Thomas James, United Kingdom

Tiffany Mcdonnell, United States

Tilllie Goldberg, Canada

Tim Hedland, England

Tina Melford, United States

Tina Ruffino, United States

Tina Tasker, United States

Tom Fritzsche, United States

Tommy Richardson, England

Tony Church, United Kingdom

Tony Kent, United Kingdom

Tony Rich, United States

Torben Gadegaard, Denmark

Tracey Miller, United States

Tracie Fletcher, United Kingdom

Tracy Bishop, United States

Tracy Ford, Canada

Tracy Vollrath, United States

Troy Brown, United States

Ursula Majoube, France

Vera Rigby, England, United Kingdom

Versus Amianto, Italy

Victoria Carter, Australia

Victoria Franzinetti, Italy

Vincent Borg, United Kingdom

Vinicius Antao, United States

Viola Banaj, Italy

Virginie Cauwet Gomez, France

Vithaya Kulsomboon, Thailand

Viv Watkins, United Kingdom

Wael Al-Delaimy, United States

Wally Nordfish, United States

Wanda Moncrief, United States

Wendy Roberts, United States

Whitmire Judy, United States

Wilian Pereira, Brasil

William Dusold, United States

William Goulding, United Kingdom

William Roseberry, United States

William Searle, United Kingdom

William Wickham, Australia

William Wilkinson, United States

Yvonne Hall, United States

Yvonne Neuenschwander, United States

Yvonne Waterman, The Netherlands

Zuleica Nycz, Brazil