Posted on November 25, 2015 

Ann SamuelsonGRATITUDE is a word that is used often, and sometimes without thought…. I’ve been not only thinking about gratitude, but also experiencing it first hand it as a volunteer for ADAO. This is my fifth consecutive year as a volunteer for ADAO; my father, Stan, lost his battle with mesothelioma over thirty years ago. I’ve learned that “we are” our stories. ADAO gives all of us whose lives were interrupted by asbestos disease a place of unspoken understanding, advocacy, hope, and a platform to make a difference.

When I began my journey with ADAO I did some sharing on Facebook and became much more aware of the injustice and suffering asbestos has bestowed on other families in the US and around the world. After my passion was ignited, I spoke at a conference a few years ago in Washington DC where I also met with members of Congress to lobby for a ban on asbestos in the US. Although we are not there yet, I expect a ban of asbestos in the future due to the powerful grass roots lobbying efforts of ADAO and its incredible backing of mesothelioma warriors around the world.

This year I, and others participated in the 8th ADAO Congressional Staff Briefing in Washington DC, with standing room only for staffers of Congress. The awareness of ADAO and our purpose has grown exponentially! To be part of initiating change that improves public health and ends this man-made disaster is one of the most empowering and meaningful causes I have ever committed to.

It requires dedication, leadership, and commitment from many volunteers to move ADAO forward. It also requires funding. ADAO is able to grow with the assistance of our sponsors and donors listed below, and others who give throughout the year. ADAO is a respected voice for victims and their families on Capitol Hill. These donations literally fuel our determination, and enthusiasm to continue to grow and stay steadfast in our mission to prevent asbestos diseases, support other individuals and families whose lives have been interrupted by asbestos. All proceeds go directly into ADAO education, advocacy and community asbestos awareness and prevention programming.  I send heartfelt gratitude to all who support our important work.

Platinum Sponsors: Delaware Insulation Asbestos Disease Trust, Motley Rice LLC and Simmons Hanly Conroy, LLC.

Gold Sponsors: Simon Greenstone Panatier & Bartlett

Silver Sponsors: Early Lucarelli Sweeney, & Melsenkothen

Diamond Donor: Lisa Crandall

Emerald Donors: The Von St. James Family, The Gundlach Family, and Jill Cagle

Sapphire Donors: Bud Vaughn, and the Amento Family

Garnet Donors: Paul & Yvonne Hall

To all who give as volunteers, donors, and sponsors, we thank you.

Ann Samuelson, Western Regional State Leadership Representative

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