UPDATE: Stephan Schmidheiny and Luis de Cartier de Marchienne found GUILTY

Today, Monday, February 13, the world watched with bated breath as the final verdict in the internationally known Eternit trial was read by the judge presiding, Dr. Casalbore, in Turin, Italy. The Eternit trial was not just a landmark case for the workers or the people of Italy, but rather represents an opportunity to redefine justice around the world.  For the first time ever, those who manufacturer and produce asbestos were successfully charged with criminal offenses.  Both defendants, Stephan Schmidheiny and Luis de Cartier de Marchienne, were found guilty and sentenced to 16 years plus damages!  After reading the guilty verdict, the court read the names of every person represented in the trial – 3,000 workers from four Italian plants, including the deceased and their family members.  There were so many victims affected, it took 3 hours to read all the names.  From one plant alone, Casale Monferrato, there have been more than 1,800 deaths and still hundreds more continue to suffer from the effects of their exposure to asbestos. Dr. Barry Castleman, an ADAO Science Advisory Board member and leading expert on asbestos said, “The promise of equal justice under law is finally being applied to a billionaire for toxic corporate crime.” Please check back for updates, interviews, videos, and photos.

In unity and live from Torino for ADAO, Linda

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