Posted August 18, 2014

Guest Blog by Dr. Richard Lemen, Co-Chair, ADAO Science Advisory Board

huff post 50 over 50Usually when I read something about the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization   (ADAO), it is a scientific infographic sent to me by Linda Reinstein for review or an overview for a Senate Staff Hearing we are presenting. Last week I read something entirely different, written not by Linda, but by her 21-year-old daughter Emily. I have watched Emily grow up over the years and was delighted to hear that she had nominated her mom for The Huffington Post’s “50 over 50  ” series. Linda won in the category of Giving Back.

Dr. LemenMy heartfelt congratulations to both mother and daughter who have been through so much and still find the energy to give back every day.  I met both Emily and Linda when Alan was still alive and knew, while this was a family going through a life changing catastrophic event, they were also a family of genuine love and compassion.  They did not want anyone else to have the experience they were having and all three dedicated their efforts with a lifelong commitment to see that this would occur, maybe not immediately but definitely sometime hence and they were willing to make this lifetime commitment to see that it did.  As a result they have put together an organization that will endure to see this as not just a goal but a reality.  I thank my higher power every day for the endurance and effort Linda, Emily and ADAO puts forth to achieve this.  I wish all of you that see this blog will write something to both of them thanking them, I know I thank them every single day as I think of all ADAO has accomplished.


Richard A. Lemen, Ph.D., M.S.P.H.; Assistant Surgeon General, USPHS (ret.); Rear Admiral, USPHS (ret.);