Monday’s livestreaming of Kathleen Mullen’s Breathtaking documentary was an astounding global success. Nearly 230 people joined in from 14 countries. Ontario filmmaker Kathleen Mullen shared with us “a personal investigation into the continued use of asbestos” that detailed her father’s tragic death due to exposure to asbestos from Canadian mining.  And airing on National Mesothelioma Awareness Day gave the film even more significance.

After the screening of this beautiful documentary, questions and comments were pouring in through Twitter, e-mail, Facebook and the “livewall”. There was much sharing of poignant stories and reflections on how cathartic such a film is in helping to unite us in grief and hope. Concerns were raised about how prevalent asbestos is and why it hasn’t been banned. A young girl who recently lost her father asked how she could contribute to make a difference. New connections were made as participants not only put forth questions to ADAO and Kathleen, but also spoke with each other through connected social media outlets.

On the heels of this highly successful livestreaming, we are preparing to participate in the first “Walk to Remember Victims of Asbestos” and “Candlelight Vigil for Victims of Asbestos.” in Sarnia, Canada. Like the film, this is another strong example of how anger can be turned into action as Leah Nielsen and Stacy Cattran, Event Organizers, honor their father with the much anticipated weekend events.   Sarnia Event Details

I am again reminded of how connected we are – how there are no borders when it comes to asbestos – and how we can all contribute, even if just to reach out and be a part of this global family. On behalf of ADAO, I want to thank Kathleen Mullen, ADAO volunteers, Science Advisory Board, and our generous 2011 Sponsors who made the screening of Breathtaking possible.  So stay tuned for details on the rebroadcast and future screenings to come via our eNewsletters!

In unity,

Linda Reinstein
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 #ADAO Livestreaming Screening and Discussion of the #asbestos film, Breathtaking, was an Astounding Global Success 

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