Posted on November 25, 2013 

Hands make heart shapeAs this year comes to an end, we look back at ADAO’s 2013 accomplishments with tremendous gratitude to the supporters who made year-end contributions that helped us exceed our goals. When we needed to testify in Washington, you made that possible. When 125 asbestos experts from around the world gathered for our conference, you made that possible too. Some of you gave in memory of a beloved Mesothelioma Warrior. Some made donations to ADAO as holiday gifts to honor friends and family. Some of you have been 2013 Sponsors that have championed for asbestos awareness and to protect asbestos victims’ civil rights.  To view everything that you made possible, see our 2013 Year-in-Review report.

Please consider making a donation during the month of December to support our continued work as the only independent non-profit dedicated to preventing asbestos exposure and protecting victims’ civil rights. Thank you for being there for us and for asbestos victims around the world.

Together, change is possible.

Linda Reinstein

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