Posted on April 26, 2019

The Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization is proud to recognize Chairman Frank Pallone Jr., with the 2019 Tribute of Hope Award for his steadfast commitment to awareness, prevention, and policy to eliminate asbestos-related diseases.

The 16 term Congressman represents New Jersey’s Sixth Congressional District and currently serves as Chairman of the House Energy and Commerce Committee (HECC), which has jurisdiction over issues of energy, the environment, healthcare, commerce, and telecommunications.

Throughout his tenure in Congress, Chairman Pallone’s legislative accomplishments have been geared to the protection and restoration of environmental resources and making healthcare more affordable and accessible. In keeping with this tradition, he signed on as an original cosponsor of the Alan Reinstein Ban Asbestos Now Act of 2019 (H.R. 1603), which would ban asbestos within a year of its passage.

“I believe government’s first priority is protecting the health and safety of its citizens, and this principle should be a guiding light in all we do,” said Pallone. “Unfortunately, continued use of and exposure to asbestos in this country remains a serious threat to our public health.”

Chairman Pallone is among the most vocal asbestos safety advocates in Congress. This month when the Environmental Protection Agency attempted to pass a minor, ineffectual change to asbestos policy off as a full-fledged ban, he took the initiative and spoke out.

[This policy] does nothing to restrict ongoing uses of asbestos,” he said in a public statement. “Instead it provides a pathway to market for uses that had previously been phased out, such as in floor tiles and insulation… Today’s action is shamefully inadequate… and only strengthens my resolve to pass a legislative solution.”

Since ADAO’s founding 15 years ago, we’ve advocated tirelessly for a complete and total ban on deadly asbestos in the United States. As we reflect on our hard-fought victories on the road to our ultimate goal, it is important to recognize that none of this would have been possible without the cooperation of some of our country’s greatest congressional leaders, such as Chairman Pallone.

“Now more than ever, it’s critical that Congress and the American people hear the stories of those who have been impacted by asbestos. The work [that ADAO is] doing to raise their voices and tell their stories is invaluable.”

Chairman Pallone joins a growing and respected list of Congressional Tribute of Hope honorees whose collective efforts have helped advance the cause of an asbestos-free United States and protected the rights of asbestos victims and their families.

2005 – 2019 Tribute of Hope Honorees

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    • 2018 | Senator Jeff Merkley
    • 2018 | Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici
    • 2017 | Senator Jon Tester
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    • 2015 | International Mesothelioma Interest Group (iMig)
    • 2014 | Congressman Henry Waxman
    • 2013 | Congresswoman Lois Capps
    • 2012 | Congressman Steve Cohen
    • 2011 | Senator Max Baucus
    • 2010 | Senator Richard Durbin
    • 2009 | Senator Barbara Boxer
    • 2008 | Dr. Aubrey Miller
    • 2007 | Senator Patty Murray
    • 2006 | Senator Harry Reid
    • 2005 | Gayla Benefield

Thank you Chairman Pallone for tirelessly working to protect public health, and for helping us get closer to an asbestos ban than ever before.

Together, we are making change possible.

Linda Reinstein
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