2013 Mesothelioma Warrior Candle Lighting List

Posted on January 4, 2014:  Jan. 4: Light a Candle in Love and Support of Mesothelioma Warriors Around the World

Posted on December 27, 2013:  December 28th: Mesothelioma Warriors’ Flames Burn Brightly in Loving Memory

Posted on December 13, 2013: Updated Mesothelioma Warrior “Light a Candle” List Finalized on December 20, 2013

Posted on November 18, 2013: Mesothelioma Warriors’ Flames of Remembrance, Hope and Courage Burn Brightly

Posted on January 6, 2014

Dec 28 Jan 4 NEW copySincerest thanks to all who submitted names to the 2013 “Light a Candle” Mesothelioma Warriors list.  On December 28, 2013, we lit candles in loving memory of Warriors and on January 4, 2014, we lit candles in honor and support of Warriors who continue to bravely fight.

We had over two-hundred new names submitted, reaching a total of nearly eight-hundred Mesothelioma Warriors to honor both in life and death. Many of these honored warriors also participated in the “Share Your Story” collection of ADAO’s website. It is these stories that inspire the ADAO and the mesothelioma community to continue to work towards a global asbestos ban. Their inspirational stories can be read by clicking the hyperlink on their name. You can also find a comprehensive list of powerful patient stories by clicking here.

A special thank you to ACOR, Jill Vaughn, who’s original candle lighting tradition still brings us hope and light year after year, and to Julie, who graciously compiled the list of this years warriors.

Finally, if anyone would like to participate by sharing your story, or have a link to their story added to their name on the current list, please contact us. Although the list of names is finalized, we are more than happy to go back and add hyperlinks to the names.

Thank you again for your continued dedication and support. Together, change is possible.

In unity,