“New Video from the Chrysotile Association: “Классный фильм! Grande film! People for Chrysotile!” Posted on April 30, 2013

Unbelievable! The Chrysotile Association Declares April 16 as Chrysotile Protection Day Posted on April 15, 2013

Behind the Lines: Asbestos industry workers will hold an international rally from Russia to Kazakhstan Posted on April 14, 2013

Irrefutable facts confirm asbestos, including chrysotile, are a human carcinogen and there is no safe level of asbestos exposure.

The Chrysotile Association used Facebook to share their 13 minute video in English with the Asbestos Disease Awareness Organization (ADAO) about their recent activities including the motor rally from Russia to Kazakhstan, trade union meetings, and youth campaigns in advance of the Rotterdam Convention. Three hundred workers gathered to say “No to an asbestos ban.”  

Some of their key messages in the video are:
“Chrysotile industry has a future.”
“Never surrender.”
“Chrysotile is not as dangerous as our opponents say.”
“We won’t let our town die.”

As a mesothelioma widow, although it is hard to believe – I am never surprised at the propaganda and rhetoric used to promote the so-called ‘safe use of Chrysotile.”

Together, change is possible.

Linda Reinstein

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